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Adventure #2

Work together to write an adventure story.

What to include

A quest. A challenge. Fast-paced action. Lots of obstacles. Maybe some bad guys. Your MC’s emotions and responses. Maybe a flaw or shortcoming that makes the quest or challenge even harder. Adventure stories often start with small problems then build to some serious setbacks. These suggestions are based on readers’ expectations for this kind of story. But it’s really up to you. The main thing is to have fun with it.

How to contribute

  1. To add to an existing story, copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page.
  2. To start a new story, write “NEW STORY” at the top of your submission, then copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page. After I receive your submission, you’ll find it listed under Group Projects with the next available number (ie Adventure #2, Adventure #3).
  3. Fill in the “name” box then click the “Post comment” button.
  4. For more information on how to copy/paste your writing onto the site, go to Share Your Writing.

Comments on: "Adventure #2" (5)

  1. I was dead tired. A whole day of softball. I finally could lay down into my bed. I ran upstairs. My room was quiet. An eery feeling crept into me. Then, I saw it. a large, light blue circle. Right in the middle of my room. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. I could only walk towards it. I was white all over. I was trying to scream, but my mouth was sealed shut. I felt like fainting. This was like living a nightmare. I reached the circle. I stepped into it. Darkness swept over me.

  2. Then I felt my sense of sight activate again. An unfamiliar face blinked at me with confusion. It wore a cream, limp dress around its shoulders, and an amber necklace.
    It spoke to me:

  3. “Zdravo? So vas boli? Potrebujem zdravljenje? Zdravo? Ah, ste budni. Kdo si? Potrebujete ničesar? Zdravo?”
    I couldn’t understand what she was saying. The dress’s sleeves were light blue, and the dress was super short with a crème colored cape-like thing in the back, with blue leggings. Her hair was light green, with a blue flower in it. Her skin was a light blue-green color, and she was very beautiful. The Amber necklace had a jewel that was sparkling in the sun.
    I tried to speak, but I just fell back unconscious. I found out later that she had called an Eagle, (or whatever it was) and she had hopped onto it, and It carried me away in it’s talons.

  4. WolfyAwesome said:

    As rose pink and amber streaked across the sky, I realised that we were floating over a vast forest. Tiny rays of sunlight made the forest look errie anc dangerous. It seemed so familiar, though it couldn’t be, I’d never been here before. Trees glittered in the sunlight and sudden squarks made the forest come alive.

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