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by Neve

Captivating crystallized flakes of beauty
Water trapped in a frosty prison
No two the same.
Snowflakes are like us, don’t you think?
Starting at the top of the sky,
Way up high,
Dreaming dreams too big to come true.
As we grow, as we flourish, we realise this and come down to earth.
Not that we want to.
Changing forever as we fall through the air,
Each taking a different path through the sky,
Not wanting to land planted firmly to the ground.
Getting bigger and bigger,
Confidence growing as we spiral down,
Thinking you will be up there forever,
Falling slowly down,
Alas, ground is in sight, and reality kicks in,
Don’t you just hate the harsh truth?
For when we are grown we keep on growing,
And eventually hit earth with a thud.
Common sense, we all have it, somewhere.
It bursts out when the truth comes to light.
So when snowflakes hit the soft powdery earth,
Our journeys end,
And beginning,
Yes, now I think about it,
We are just like Snowflakes, aren’t we?


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