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For Middles

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Make the problem worth solving

Ten-year-old Dylan really wants a dog, but so do a lot of kids. Think of something in Dylan’s life that would make getting the dog really matter to him and to readers. Write a paragraph or two that describes Dylan, his situation and why getting a dog would solve whatever problems you’ve imagined.

* * *

Create a horrible scene

Imagine something embarrassing or troubling. Keep thinking about it until you can picture everything that happens like a scene in a movie. Now show what you imagined through the eyes of a made-up character. Share this character’s thoughts and feelings throughout the scene. Include moment-by-moment action, other characters and dialogue.

* * *

Make it a tough choice

This weekend, Jenna could go on a camping trip with a friend or she could stay home. It sounds like an easy choice, but Jenna knows if she goes with her friend, she may cause something bad to happen. She also knows if she doesn’t go, it might cause a different problem. What could Jenna be worrying about? Write a paragraph describing what she thinks will happen if she goes. Write another paragraph describing what she thinks might happen if she doesn’t go.


Comments on: "For Middles" (2)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    This sounds like a really good idea. The whole picturing it like a movie thing. I’m stuck in one of my stories now so this should really help!

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