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by Neve
Chapter 1- Her
Dear Chosen,
Intense, were the icy orbs of emotion when I saw myself in the hollow eyes of her agony. I felt myself try to speak, but my guilt choked up my voice and I said nothing. She turned away, and I stood like a sculpture, trying to interpret her body language, looking for some clue to another reason of her subdued state. Surely it wasn’t me…? But everything screams at me to face the facts. I just don’t know how.
I wish I did.
She shivered slightly, and I wondered whether she was just morbidly cold. But then as she turned back to me, her eyes terrifyingly accusing, I saw a droplet of water fall from her icy eyes and freeze before they hit the ground. Her eyes are amazing and terrible; they are an unforgiving storm, they are a radiant star. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. No, for her, they are the looking glass of the Gods.
Despite her now constant flow of tears, her perfect eyes remained unflawed and not phased in any way… or so it seemed at the time. For below her collected exterior, broken only by the uncontrollable human act of emotion that was crying, she was broken. Shattered. Twisted.
If I only I knew how to fix her.
I knew what was wrong. I just didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.
And that is why she is still broken inside. Who knew a beautiful creature like her could be changed from divinity to unlawful evil? She truly is a fallen angel. A Darkwing. The first of her kind. But not the last. Many followed; Angels pulled from the sky by her power, wrapped in the manipulative fingers of darkness, seeping into their hearts and twisting it so hardly none of their past goodness remained.
At first there were few; they could be subdued by a gift from the Gods too few of the Chosen Half-wings: Half angels, half humans. The Halfwings were given great powers; the anchor of these powers in great halos of power. 5 were made by the gods: The Halo of Truth, Halo of Ideals, Halo of Souls, Halo of Love, and the Halo of Courage. They banished the First Darkwing and sealed her away.
But the Darkwings made another The Halo of Darkness, and sent the First Darkwing’s Halfdark child with it to the group of the new Chosen Halfwings of this age, were the child grew up believing she was a regular human along with the true Chosen.
And now all five of the Halfwings and the Halfdark have reached sixteen, their powers are starting to surface. They need to train, and be taught.
But The Halfdark is not known. We cannot tell; a heavy enchantment has been placed upon it. When it is found, it will be slain, or brought before the gods for judgement.
The First Darkwing is calling her dark angels to her side. She is rising again.
Be ready, Chosen.
You need to be.
The Angel Kzai


Comments on: "Halo" (3)

  1. Awesome! The metaphors you used were just great!

  2. Thank you very much 😀

  3. This is fantasic! Excellent wording, each used perfectly, the details were deep and clear. Brilliant work! I can’t wait to see more of this story.

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