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God’s Mysterious Ways

by Night Wolf

My testimony begins on a mountain. “Come my one hundred lovely children,” said the missionary to China, Mrs. Gladys, sweetly. “How much longer until we get there?” whined my best friend, Radshack. “We get there when we get there,” I said, annoyed. My name is John by the way.

About that time, a boulder came falling down. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed all of the children and Mrs. Gladys. A chariot of warriors pulled in front of them and got hit by the boulder. God saved the kids and Mrs. Gladys from the boulder falling on them. Then a meteor came out of the sky and was going to kill them and all of China. All of a sudden, the meteor turned and hit Japan. “Yay! God saved us,” yelled one of the youngest and shyest children.

After this happened, they lumbered uphill to a dangerous part of the mountain. The already terrified group walked down the dark, crooked pathway. “I’m scared,” cried Radshack. “Radshack! You are the oldest one here,” said Mrs. Gladys. To scare them even more, Satan, the devil, made the mountain fall. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed the children. Mrs. Gladys was praying while standing on a piece of mountain rock that was flying through the air. The mountain stopped falling at once, flew back in the air, and the mountain rocks sat together again. Only one kid was hurt… me. I had a brief heart palpitation. Mrs. Gladys landed beside us without a scratch.

Finally, all of us made it to the hole in the center of the mountain where we were headed from the start. All thanks to God who miraculously saved us in his mysterious ways.


Comments on: "God’s Mysterious Ways" (3)

  1. I like it. I am a Christian so I know who Gladys is, She is Gladys Alward, right?(I have like twenty different biographies of her)

  2. I like your story. I am a christian, btw my Sunday school teacher just taught us about Gladys Alward

  3. Annie Song said:

    I’m a christian but I never heard of Gladys Aleard. Sounds like she is a missionary right?

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