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Story Prompts

Use these prompts to create the situation or hook for your story. The story you end up with may not include anything in the prompt. That’s fine. Prompts are just places to start.

You can ask others to comment on your idea for a story by posting it in the “Leave a Reply” box at the end of this page. For specific instructions on how to post to the site, go to Share Your Writing.

When you’re happy with the hook you’ve created, read this advice before you write.

Come back often for new prompts and to comment on stories and story ideas posted by others. Sharing opinions and seeing what others have to say will make us all stronger writers!


You’ve finally convinced an adult in your life that you’re responsible enough to do something that’s important to you. While you’re doing whatever it is, something goes horribly wrong. Who is the adult you need to convince? Why did it take so long to convince him or her? What is it that you wanted to do? (a job? an activity? go somewhere?) What goes wrong? How are you going to make it right?

* * *

Someone committed a crime in your neighborhood. You were spotted near the scene and there’s evidence that makes you look guilty. What was the crime? (was something stolen? trashed?) Who spotted you at the scene? Were you really there or is that person lying? What other evidence is there? Who really committed the crime and why? How will you figure out what really happened?

* * *

You’ve been chosen for a quest or particular challenge. Who chose you? Why? What makes the challenge or quest hard? What will you have to do or overcome to succeed? What will happen if you fail?

* * *

A stranger gives a gift to your main character (MC). The stranger says the gift will make your MC’s life wonderful if used in the right way. But, the stranger warns, if your MC mishandles the gift, horrendous things will happen. Who is the stranger? What is the gift? Why did the stranger give it to your MC? What is the right way to use it? Why will your MC be tempted to use it the wrong way? What will happen if he or she does?


Comments on: "Story Prompts" (22)

  1. Ms. Kantduitt said:

    Get real. Thousands of writers have been coming up with stories for more years than I’ve been alive. You know someone visiting this site won’t come up with anything new. There is nothing new! Everything’s already been written a million times.

  2. What a crab. Don’t listen to her. Even if I told you the exact story I’d like you to write, each of you would still come up with a uniquely original story. No one else thinks exactly like you and no one else will write exactly like you. Now go write. Then come back and post what you’ve written. I want to see it. Besides, it will prove that Ms. Kantduitt’s wrong!

  3. Ms.kanduitt you a really stubborn learn to be nice i believe that writing a story is a hobby not a job !

  4. Isabella A. said:

    i think ms. kantduitt is giving children/adults ideas to give up i dissagree with her response infact if you have a story idea that you do not want to use right at the moment then use it some other time it can turn out to be a wonderful story!and dont give up on writing it we all know you all are good writers.

  5. I think Ms. Kantduitt should be in a story where on a writing website, kids learn how to write and she tries to stop them… =)

    • I really like that idea! You could start it under Group Projects and see if anyone adds to it, or you could write it all yourself and post it under Share your Work. I think it’d be a really fun story to write. And I’d love to read it!

  6. future author said:

    wow! this is a really great writing website! i want to be an author when i grow up, though ms. kantduitt really bugs me. thanks for being an inspiration!

    • Thank you. If you write something now, feel free to add it to the site. Not only would I love to see it, but it’s a great way to get back at Ms. Kantduitt!

  7. Stacy Broyles said:

    I am a 5th grade teacher and personally find great value in this site. Many students struggle with generating ideas about which to write. I think Ms. Kantduitt is entitled to her opinion, but I greatly disagree with her skeptism and disrespect.

    • Thanks for sharing your positive opinion of the site. I’d love to see your students here. Please let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help make that happen.

  8. Ms. Kantduitt, you are wrong! I showed part of my fantasy story to my Grandpa and he said it was completely unique! People can still come up with new things to write about. Just wait until I’m done with my story!

  9. Maybe we could write a story about Ms. Kantduitt (can’t do it)! I think she more than likely has a Kantduitt attitude about a lot of things. This would be an extremely funny story!

    • Ok … hook, line, and sinker! I just read the part about Ms. Kantduitt! I feel silly. I am sitting here literally laughing out loud!

  10. That was great!! This is my first time on the site and I think its great!! I would love to see some information on research and writing/presenting research papers! Keep up the good work!

    • Well on further inspection of this great site, i found information on research/ research papers, so this is an even better site than i thought!! Thanks for all the great information!

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