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War of the Two Worlds

By Mikaela and Trista

Book 1

The Attack of the Aronians

Chapter one – Telepathy and Portals

Part one – Telepathy

Once there was a boy named Daniel who was sixteen years old. He was a brunette, with sparkling blue eyes. He was six foot five, super tall for his age. He was the smartest kid in the school, he was always getting good grades. He was also the teacher’s pet. Although they wanted to, the other kids never bullied him because he was super strong.
One day, as he was walking to school, he saw a green portal eight feet in the air. All of the sudden, a flying dragon half girl creature came flying out of it. She had greenish-blue scales on the side and back of her head, back and neck. She fluttered down to Daniel.
“Where am I?” She said.
“You’re, um…” said Daniel. “In, Roseville…”
“What is Roseville? And what are you? A man, or a, round-ear, Elf?” She said.
“A, man, I guess. Name’s Daniel,” Said Daniel. “And, what are you?”
“Oh, I’m a Sprite. My name is Fyre.” She said. “I had no idea that portal I made would lead me to this strange world. What is this world called?”
Daniel felt weird, talking like old friends to this, Sprite, thingy, or whatever she was. “Um,” he said, “This planet is called Earth. What is your planet called?” Obviously knowing she wasn’t a normal person.
“I am from the Planet Aronia,” she said. “Mind if I stay a bit? I am liking your planet.”
“Sure, but, it isn’t safe. There are security guards nearby, and they can kill even larger animals than you.”
“I’m not an animal!” said Fyre. “I am a living soul like you!” She said, with a snarl.
“Oh, sorry.” Said Daniel. Then, Shy turned into a 100 foot dragon, an orange-red color and a glowing belly. She was growling.
“Shhh, Shhh!” he said, not realizing what was happening. “Guards! Remember!”
“Oh, I forgot,” she said as she shrank back into her six foot, green scaled, winged and tailed figure. Daniel realized what just happened. His jaw dropped.
“Oh, I must explain. I have the ability to change form. Like this.” She changed into a form that looked like Daniel.
“Good grief!” said Daniel as she changed back into her normal form. “Oh no! I am going to be late for school,” And he ran off.
During class he heard something.
“Daniel, meet me in the back alley. I have a surprise for you.” Said the voice, which belonged to Fyre.”
“Aaa!” said Daniel, and he stood up. “Who said that?”
“Daniel, sit down, Okay.” Said the teacher. The other kids wanted to laugh, but they didn’t because they would get in big trouble.
After school, he went to the back alley behind the school, like the voice told him to.
“You didn’t tell me you had telepathy too.” he said.
“I’m full of surprises.” Said Fyre.


Comments on: "War of the Two Worlds" (2)

  1. Awesome! This is going somewhere good and I can’t wait to find out where!

  2. Mikaela and Trista said:

    Authors’ note:

    We won’t be posting anymore until probably the end of June, because Mikaela is going on vacation next week, and then the next week Trista will be going camping. In three weekends Mikaela has family reunion to go to, and we type the story on Mikaela’s computer and Trista won’t be going to Mikaela’s house any time soon.

    – Mikaela and Trista

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