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Historical Fiction #2

Work together to write a story set in the past.

What to include

A time period that interests you. Authentic details. Strong characters.

How to contribute

  1. To add to an existing story, copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page.
  2. To start a new story, write “NEW STORY” at the top of your submission, then copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page. After I receive your submission, you’ll find it listed under Group Projects with the next available number (ie Historical Fiction #2, Historical Fiction #3).
  3. Fill in the “name” box then click the “Post comment” button.
  4. For more information on how to copy/paste your writing onto the site, go here.

Comments on: "Historical Fiction #2" (3)

  1. An unbearable shiver inched through my skeleton with each drop of rain that landed on me. Each time my shoulders hunched, lifting my checked neckerchief with the unsuited job of a shawl.
    Various suspicious glances were sent my way, their deliverers probably wondering what a teenager was doing in a train station at twenty past midnight, and there were brutally freezing moments when I wondered the same thing.
    Then I remembered: I was waiting for someone.

  2. A cloaked figure stepped out of the train. He had a long, black cloak on his shoulders.
    He had black leggings, a chainmail shirt and a black coat cover most of his shirt. His knee-high black boots were torn and old.
    “Elissar!” I said.
    “Mari!” he said. “Come on, lets go.”
    We ran out of the train station and onto the plains. We walked side-by-side away from the town. We cold hear the faint barks of dogs behind us. They continued to get louder. One howled, then another.
    “Run Mari!” said Elissar. We ran. And I mean we RAN. I had never run that fast before. The dogs got closer to us. We saw a cliff in our path. Elissar kept running, and so did I. I don’t know why I kept running. I obviously knew that I would fall and land in the ocean and die. I just kept running.
    Elissar blew a high pitched whistle. Sirens were blowing and dogs were barking. The police were after us, and they were in CARS. There was no way we could outrun a car. Or a bunch of dogs for that matter.
    We were closer to the cliff. five steps and we would fall. I slowed down.
    “Come on!” Said Elissar. “Jump!”
    I held Elissar’s hand and jumped off the cliff. I expected to hit a bunch of rocks, feel searing pain and die. But I landed on a pile of feathers. It began to be extremely windy. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was riding a giant bird away from the cliff. The policemen and dogs were staring at us. Elissar was behind me.
    “How did a giant condor get from the tip of South America all the way to England in five seconds? How did it even hear you?” I asked him.
    “First of all, I am a griffin. Second, I was perched under the cliff the whole time.”
    “I looked at the bird’s head, then at Elissar. “did your bird just talk?”
    “No. I taught him how to use telepathy. He thinks he is a griffen. But he is really a giant condor like you said.” said Elissar.
    “Oh.” I said. “where are we going?”

  3. I had to add a little humor to the story 🙂

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