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The Tale of the Ten Puppies

Once upon a time there were ten puppies.The puppies always made trouble.They always chewed up underwair and socks. They also chewed up toilet paper! But one day … their owner took them to the vet. She needed the vet to make them stop chewing up the whole house. So the vet had to give the dogs a bone and say “this is what you chew on.”But they still chewed up the house and even barked at anyone they saw. So they went to the vet again and this time they bit the vet! The vet said that the dogs were staying the night! That night they chewed their way out of the vets office and chewed up all of the flowers! The next day they fell asleep on the side of the road and got taken to the pound! Then their owner came and rescued them and they never went to that vet again! The End
by:Arielle M.
Mrs.Smiths class
3rd grade


Comments on: "The Tale of the Ten Puppies" (3)

  1. Faith C. said:

    What naughty puppies they are! Great Story! I would put a name on one and write more stories about more naughty adventures.

  2. Arielle said:

    thanks Faith

  3. The Purple Pheonix said:

    Great story, I’m glad I don’t have those puppies. Also I bone, 10 puppies? Bad vet.

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