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Action & Response

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Let the character make things worse

Show a character in some kind of trouble. Make the character respond in a way that makes things worse. Include moment-by-moment action and what the character is going through, physically and emotionally.

If you need help making trouble, think about:

  • Things you or your friends have done in the past few days. What could have caused you or them trouble?
  • The trouble in a movie or book you liked
  • Things you’ve read in the newspaper or online, or something you’ve seen on TV

The trouble doesn’t have to be original. Your characters and how they respond is what matters.

* * *

Share the response

The local college is offering a photography class for kids this summer. Karley really wants to go. Her parents have said it’s okay but since they both work, she needs to find a ride. She’s just asked her best friend to take the class so they could ride together. However, her friend has agreed to babysit one of the neighbor’s kids during the time the class will meet.

Show how Karley responds to this news. Then, share Karley’s thoughts as she comes up with another way to get what she wants.


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