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first verse by Mikaela

A flowing mane
A Sparkling horn
Faster and faster she gallops
And jumps into the air
Spreads her feathery wings and takes flight

second verse by Neve

An endless cycle
Of beauty and grace
Rushing past
Racing the wind
On and on she flies

by Mikaela

The sun lowers in the horizon
Dusk is at hand
Lower she flies,
But faster
She goes

Through the woods
And over the plains
It is almost night
The coyotes howl
She sees a cave and rushes to it

by Neve

Dragon strong and dragon fierce
The imposter draws near
A sparkling white mare with a horn of moonlight
How dare it come so close?
The unicorn has landed

Fury of a beast on fire
The feathery horse has witnessed
And now she shoots a beam of light
To keep the inferno at bay
Blast, snarl, fall out of the sky…

by Mikaela

The beast of darkness roars
And his belly glows
He opens his mouth
And he shoots a blast of fire
Into the cave

Fire meets water
The flames are out
Steam fills the cave
But how could a unicorn
Quench dragon fire?


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