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by Bfoot

Blackness isn’t empty
Blackness is a mirror
A mirror to our thoughts
because when we’re afraid to think them
the black rushes in,
steals the thought,
takes it out
and shows it as writing on the wall of our fears-
it’s all too close for comfort
As you are trapped in the thick heaviness of your thoughts.

Darkness is the empty one,
shining flashlight beams go out into the nothingness.
If you stepped fowards one inch
would cease to be, and you would float off into infinity.
(Or so it seems.)
The emptiness curls into you
leaves a hole
and all of your thoughts rush out,
thinning into a vapor
that empties into the dark.


Comments on: "Darkness" (6)

  1. Nice job, Bfoot!

  2. That’s great! I love it! Good job!

  3. Annie Song said:

    Impressive! I can’t write a poem that good!

  4. gemx_the_writer said:

    The first three lines are my favourite! The way you stated that most of the negativity in our lives is just the projection of our own thoughts is just brilliant! 😀 Keep it up

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