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This Story

by Wilson and Georgia

Random Words- Fear, holes, friendship, strawberries, the attic, a town, wolves, rose, granola, cat,fun,train,school,man,war,and pipe!

Chapter 1

Ada was frightened. Tammi, her BFF, just passed out and was in a corner, lying there, not one breath. Tammi and her were in New York and by a store called Town! Ada ran inside and was hoping to see a town for kids, but it was a strawberry store. There was a man in there that was tall as a Redwood tree and was drinking a beer. He was wearing a pair of the latest pair of overalls. He was giving me the, “STUPID KIDS!!!” look. “Hi! I am Ada . My friend is, well, dying outside so will you let me use your phone?” Ada said with a grin mixed with a “Oh GOD!” look. He said, “Well come on then! I will call you Sunny, KKKKKKKKK?” Ada looked like a cat about to cat get a bath. He took off his face and looked like a girl. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Ada said and ran in a flash.
Ada was on the road and saw some cardboard and grabbed it. She took her bag and grabbed a sharpie. She wrote on the cardboard and sat next to Tammi on the curb. Cars pass her and it was sundown. She was cold and it was like winter in summer. She bought some strawberries for dinner. She took a bite and a car pulled up next to her and there was a man in the car. It was pink with a big S on the side in purple brine stones. She gazed in great happiness that someone had come to give her a job or money. She cowered at him. He called the police and they took the boddie away. He sprayed me with something and then my head almost smashed the ground, but he caught it. The soft gloves touching my face.

Chapter 2
Ada woke up in a room and was in a bed that had a canopy at the top. It was light out and she went down the stairs. The place was like a mansion! Ada saw the whole family eating strudels and stuffing chicken in them. The man saw me and went to come get her. She cowered and was met by a lady. Her butt was huge!(No offence!) She looked like a ogar coming to eat her soul and destroy her heart by gnawing on it. The lady said, “ I am Bert! I am your new mommy!!!” She acted like Ada was a space alien. She put me in my room and said, “Barble saw!” she shut my door and the closet was open. Inside there was a dress with roses on it and was yellow and pink. Ada put it on and ran down stairs. Before the royal family could see, she was pushed back up stairs and was shown gloves and a tiara. She put it on and realized she was the new princesses! She walked down the stairs with the dress on and boy, was it ichy! The mother came to her and kissed her on the head. She sent me back up there and said
“Pick any one.” and she opened the closet and shut the door.
Chapter 3

She picked a dress with a pink bow and a purple skirt. She wore no shoes and had a diamond tiara. When she went down, her mother nodded and kept eating. A chair was pulled out and had a full plate in front of it. The guard pointed, sit and kept his stance. She sat and ate. When she was done, she had frosted cupcakes with a side of jello. The mother escorted her to her room and tucked her in.

Chapter 4

Ada woke up and her the birds chirping. She could smell the blueberries and pancake batter. She rushed down stairs. When she got there, the family was eating blueberries and bacon. It was snowing and the littlest was pulling on Ada’s jammas. “I want to pick snow tulips. Want to come?” She said with her gear all on and pulling her. “She can’t sweet pea.” the mother said, “She has other thing to do with her new mommy, ok?” she said grinning at the littlest. She ran outside.
They arrived at the pet store. There were dogs, cats, birds, and guinea pigs. Ada looked and was all caught up on a dog. Her name was Sammy and she was a german shepherd. Ada also loved a cat named Maggie and was a siamese with white fur and little bits of black. The mother nodded and said, “You may get both. They are your and you will get everything for them.” the mother said.
When Ada went home, Sammy was like king kong or Mr. Peterson about to release a monkey in a toilet paper store. She tore up the room and Maggie just played with her. Sammy got a toy chicken, a dog bed, and the biggest dog bone in the world! Maggie got a cat jungle gym, a fish coupon, and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of string.

. . .

Ada grew up to be a queen of her dreams. She was also not the queen of her people’s dreams. She took them and basically renamed slaves. They were called Abrams and they believed in a god called, Re, the sun god from Egypt. The Abrams were the most hard working souls on the whole planet, Nebula! Queen Ada moved to the planet Nebula and blew up earth, along killing everyone on it. The Abrams harvested nut called granola. Queen Ada was the meanest, most terrifying lady on the planet! A space creature called Nila-borg, were killed and was made to food. Wolves were taken to Nebula and were all corralled up because Ada loved them. When Ada had her first child, she named her Rena, named after the sun god. A man was one day sent on a quest to find the one thing, the real god. Her name was Alicia, God of war, beauty, and the world! She summoned her tigers to war. The goddess fought.
When war was finished, she was the only one standing, Ada, and Alicia, were the last, the only, alive!

Chapter 5

Ada was standing on a pile of blood and guts, smiling. Alicia was on a man’s shoulders, bones broken and bloody all over. Ada was frightened how the mystery girl would defeat her. Alicia uncovered her hoodie and a bow appeared out of nowhere. She held back and an arrow came whizzing past her face. Ada had fallen to the ground. The arrow was sticking out of her belly.Ada was lying there, just like Tammi. Alicia smiled, and walked away bring all her dead tigers back to life. She used her magic and turned every soldier to a tiger and walked back to her stairway to the clouds. Alicia grinned and turned back to Ada. She took a banana from the heaven and put Ada in a big hole that the war made. Alicia went and buried her and put a bannanas by her grave. Alicia didn’t feel safe. She thought the demons would come a bring her to the hell. Alicia took a train and put the warrior tigers on the train to guard the body so the devil wouldn’t send the demons to steal her soul and make it ever so bad!

. . .

Alicia was the new word, Empire! she was the queen and was fair and believed with her mind. The Abrams were free and you could work for 2,000 abriles a day(money). She was the ruler for Rena and married the Quest Finder. Alicia won every war that she was in, except that one. The one that she would never speak about. Her heavenly good friend.(If you guessed Ada, you are right, listen!) My dear SISTER, dead, gone. She is still in my heart and engraved in my soul. She was Tammi’s guardian. If Tammi died (like she did) she would turn evil by the y ear and would turn to gold when her death. Alicia respected her sister and said, “I will never leave you” .
When Rena found out, she planned an attack to end Alicia.
The day came. The sky turned reddish-orange and the birds were shot down. The ground was rumbling and the attic was shaking. People were treified


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