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Painter Dawg

by Inkwolf

There once was a dog they called the Painter Dawg. The Painter Dawg was a legendary creative pup, and a role model to the art community! Wherever he went, he brought a paper and pen with him to write down art ideas because he drew inspiration from the world around him. Painter Dawg’s favorite thing to do was to create art for the community to enjoy, or to give to people personally (like small drawings or paintings on canvas). He loved to see his friends’s eyes light up with joy when he gave them a painting–it filled his heart with glee. Painter Dawg did several murals for the community (since the city hired him to), such as the side of their public library, an old business building downtown, a wall in their city’s sports arena, and many more things like that!

Another goal of Painter Dawg’s was to teach his hometown the lost art of…art! He would sometimes teach classes on how to paint, do traditional painting techniques, and tell them about different kinds of art tools that can be used for different things when making a piece of art!

As a side note, Painter Dawg loved to tell jokes, too! Puns, knock knock jokes–you name it, he said it! He especially liked to doodle and write jokes down in his special notebook he carried around with him all the time. He also ran around town a lot as he searched for new inspiration to draw from for art pieces.

He was a dog, or dawg, with a big heart and a brain full of ideas! (And let’s not forget a dawg full of energy and funny jokes!)

“Don’t be afraid to try new, positive things! Continue to explore. Create for yourself and for others!” ~ Painter Dawg


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