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The Story

by Blue Dragon


The one was just walking when a bomb dropped from the sky. he saved a boy from the explosion.

~Chapter 1~

“Haahh!” Jolet yelled, jolting awake. “Why am I on the ground?”

“You’re alive?” a blue guy said.

“Of course I am!” Jolet replied.

“But, the explosion…” Blue started.

Explosion?! Jolet thought.

“I’m Roy, by the way,” the blue man said.

“Why are you blue, anyway?” Jolet asked.

“I have ice armor on,” Roy answered.

“…You’re an Ice Elemental, aren’t you?”


~Chapter 2~


“Yes, we killed the one!” a man said.

“No we didn’t.” a woman replied.

“What did you just say?” the man said.

continued on 10/22/12:

“I think you heard me, Josev.”

Josev shot her with a bolt of shadow. “We’re going to see him dead, I say, Deeeaad!” He finished that sentence with crazy, maniacal laughter.

And back to the hero’s side…

continued on 11/1:

“Hey, roy!!!” a girl said. “I found a survivor!”

“One of the two, may.” Roy replied.

May? jolet thought.

“May is a fire Elemental.” Roy said

“So a fire elementhole” jolet said.

“Elemental.” roy replied.

“That’s what i just said” jolet said

continued on 4/5:

“who’s that Roy?” may said

“It’s the survivor I talked about, where is the survivor you talked about?” Roy replied

“He’s knocked out.” may replied

“So what’s your name?”


continued on 6/17:

“jolet?” may said

“yea so what?” jolet said

“haven’t I met you before?” may said

“not that I remember?” jolet replied

“any way, lets us help the survivor you were talking about.”

“k.” may said nervously


Comments on: "The Story" (3)

  1. blue dragon said:

    jolet some times says things incorrectly.

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