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The Wind

by Bunnie

Page one
I woke up to a strange sound like a gush of air but I don’t know. I went back to sleep it was 1:30 in the morning and I was tired. The next morning I heard the same nose I was very suspicious, I went in to my mums room and said” mum I can hear gushes of wing every morning I am a bit suspicious” my mum said to back to bed so I did. HELP! I heard HELP I went in to my mums room she said there had been a thief and he had stolen her golden watch ( that was a Rolex ). That must of been the gusts of wind he must of got throw the window. Oh sorry I am called Sam I am 12 years old. I went to school and my mum went to work I saw a teacher call mr lols who had the same watch on that my mum has…………………….
This is a little bit from my book I hope u like it


Comments on: "The Wind" (1)

  1. edith marquez said:

    i loved your story it was amazing i dont know why no one put a comment yet but i loved it so i am going to put a comment. i’m from kansas and you?

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