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It was April 14, 1912. Anna and Laura were heading to New York on the Titanic. They were cousins that were traveling with their Grandma. The giant ship had just hit an iceberg and Anna and Laura were playing soccer with the ice on the deck. They didn’t know how serious this was. A stranger quickly grabbed them and threw them and put them in a life boat. Then Captain Smith said, “The Titanic is going to be sinking in a hour.” So everyone was panicking and the music players were trying to calm people down and still people were panicking. Most of the women and children were on the life boats but Anna and Laura were wondering where their grandma was? Everything got cold and dark and they saw the Titanic split into two and sink into the ocean. Then the Carpathia came and saved them. But the girls knew that many people died. On the Carpathia they found their Grandma. They were so happy to see her and know she had survived. Anna and Laura will never forget that scary night.

by Faith C
Mrs. Smith’s Class
3rd Grade


Comments on: "Separated" (5)

  1. Wow Faith! You had me scared. So glad everyone ended up safe! Excellent job and great emotion.

  2. I am going to see the titanic to.

  3. and i think you did a good job.

  4. The Purple Pheonix said:

    Very good, Great detail.

  5. i love it.

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