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My New Friend (a true story)

by Mikaela

Last Saturday as I was riding my bike down the street I saw this girl and her mom playing volley ball. She asked me if I could play, so I asked my mom if I could. She said yes, so I ran down to her house. “what is your name?” she said.
“I’m Mikaela” I said “What’s your name?”
“I’m Jordyn,” she said. So me and Jordyn played ball, and when we got tired we rode our bikes around. Then we went to my house a climbed the giant tree in my yard. We talked about school and friends and everything else you can think of. Then I asked her if she went to church. “No,” she said. So I am going to invite her to church next Sunday! So that’s the story of how I met Jordyn.


Comments on: "My New Friend (a true story)" (2)

  1. Ink Wolf said:

    Love it 😀

  2. good story

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