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The Pokémon Story

by the Blue Dragon & the Purple Pheonix

“It’s my birthday and I still don’t have a pokémon!” John yelled.

“…Or a pokedex,” Dan added.


“But you will soon!”


“John! Dan! Come down!” John’s mother called.

continued on 1/6/12:

“Coming!” they both said as they ran down the stairs.

“We’re going to the Safari Zone!” she said.

John gasped excitedly, “I’ll get my backpack!”

“You don’t have to stuff everything in your backpack, like Ash on tv,” his mother reasoned.”

“But it will be so cool! I’ll be a master trainer like him!” he yelled as he ran up the stairs.

“You do know that it’s a half-hour trip, don’t you?”

“I know.”

John came back down, “I can’t wait to go!”

“You don’t have to,” his mother said, “We’re leaving in five minutes.”

continued on 1/27/12:

John gasped exitedly. And before anyone could do anything else, he ran out the door, and straight to car.

“…Or right now?”
“I’msoexitedit’ssocoolIcan’tbelieveitsoawesomeI…” John was saying, overjoyed.

“Man, why is he so hyper?” Dan asked.

“He has ADHD,” John’s Mother answered, “Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, right.”

“…Yahoo! *Inhale* YouguysaresogreatI—”

“What?” John’s Mom asked.

“…need to go to the bathroom.”

Dan sighed.

continued on 3/11/12:


“Has everyone gone?” John’s mother asked, outside gas station.

“I’m ready,” Dan replied.

“mkay,” John’s mom looked around. “…Where’s John?”

John was wandering in the fields, out of sight. “I just know there’s a pokémon around here, I can feel it…”

“…and I’m going to catch it!”

He looked around, and saw something moving down a hill.


continued on 3/13/12:

He ran down the hill excitedly, chasing after it. Suddenly, the hill went steep. And before he knew it, he was falling!


Even while tumbling down the hill, he could still see the pokémon. “I’ll get you!” he said, changing his direction.


“Ow…” John said, standing up. And then it dawned on him. “I have a pokémon!!”

continued on 3/18/12:

“Oooooh, I’m unbeatable!” he said, repeating his favorite theme. “Pokémon! Advanced battle!”

He picked up the creature. It had a small white body, legs that resemble a dress, and a green “helmet” with two red horns on the front and back of it. “You’re a Ralts!” John yelled.

He hugged it, then threw it in the air! “You’re going to be my partner! How do you feel about that?”

Suddenly, John got a searing headache.

continued on 3/20/12:

~Chapter 2~

“Ah! Ow!! Headache!!” John Yelled, running back to the gas station, clutching the Ralts in his arms. “I got a Pokémon! Ow!!”

“Wow!” his mom said with enthusiasm. “Really?”

“Really,” he replied, showing it off to them.

“Hey, did’ja know that it’s a Ralts?” Dan asked.

“Of course!” John said. “I’m not stupid!”

“Do you know what gender it is?”


“Here, give it to me.”

“Okay,” John said, handing it over to Dan to inspect.

“Aaahh!! Headache!!” Dan said soon after. “…it’s a male.”

continued on 5/3/12:

“Alright…” John’s mom said, handing the Ralts back to her son. “What are going to name him?”

“Maybe I’ll be like ash and NOT name it.” John said.

“Everyone names their Pokémon!” Dan yelled, “That’s what makes them individual!!”

“Couldn’t I be more unique if I didn’t name him?” John reasoned.

“Well, uh…” Dan was surprised that John actually used reason. But then he thought of something. “But then you would just be copying off of a TV show,” Dan said.

“True…” John replied. “How about Psichy?”

continued on 6/14:

“Y’know, that’s actually a pretty good name.” Dan said.

“Yeah!” John’s mom said, “Do you think Ralts likes it, though?”

Meanwhile, Ralts was trying squeeze out of John’s hands. When he asked “Do you like it?” Ralts horns started to glow. Instantly afterwards, he summon a large amount of blue psychic energy, which shoved John to the ground. Then he started running away.

“What am I going to do?!?” John shouted.

“Put it back in its Pokéball of course!” Dan said.

“I didn’t actually capture him yet!” John replied.

“Why not?”

“I don’t even have a Pokéball!”

Dan sighed. He took a Pokéball off his belt, and threw it at the Ralts! As it got near him it began to open up, but the Ralts caught it with his Telekinesis. But it wasn’t supposed to capture him anyway. In fact, it already had something in it…

continued on 7/9:

“Go, Cinder! Ember!” Dan called to a mouse with bluish fur and a milky colored underside. It had four red spots on it’s back from which flames erupted and scorched the Ralts. Dan then threw a pokéball, and caught him easily. He gave it to John. “You got your pokémon,” Dan said to him, “Can we go now?”

“To the pokémon Center!” John shouted.

“There’s actually a place to heal your pokémon at the safari zone…” his mother said.

“To the Safari zone!” John shouted.


continued on 9/21/12:

Soon they had gotten back to the gas station, where John’s mom filled up the gas tank, while he and Dan when to a small pokémon center.

“You sure you don’t want to heal your pokémon?” The nurse asked. This nurse wasn’t a nurse joy, like on the reality TV show; they used the same actor for the different characters in different cities, due to budget cuts.

“Nah, we’re cool,” Dan replied, “Cinder didn’t even break a sweat!”

“I definitely need Psychie healed though,” John said.

“Well, it’s too late to change your mind, anyway; we’ve already paid for it!” Dan said. Because like hospitals, whether or not you have insurance, most expenses there are out-of-pocket.

“Well here you go boys,” the nurse said, taking a pokéball out of the machine behind her and handing it to John. “Have a good day!”

John and Dan walked back to the Car, and they drove away.


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  1. I read a novel for adults last year that was written by two authors via email. One would write a chapter featuring a character or characters from a previous book, and then the other would write the next chapter, featuring one or more of his characters. The way they brought the characters together in the same story was intriguing. Good luck with your collaboration!

  2. The Purple Pheonix & Blue Dragon said:

    Oops! :0 This entire time, it was supposed to be “The Pokémon story”, but we misspelled it. Can you change it? 😀

  3. blue dragon said:

    oops! when john handing it over to John to inspect it was supposed to be dan.can you change it?

  4. blue dragon said:


  5. blue dragon said:

    :p yep this is awesome

  6. The blue dragon said:

    By the way, John is based off of me.

  7. Rainbow Birdie said:

    This is a great read so far. I have boys that like Pokemon and like to write . I’m a lucky mom

  8. blue dragon & Purple Pheonix said:

    we decided that 6 posts a Chapter is good

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