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Past Events

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Work with past participles

Rewrite the following sentences as if they were part of a flashback. Hint: You’ll have to change the verbs to past perfect tense by adding “had” before the verb’s past participle. Pretty simple, except for the verbs that don’t quite follow this simple rule. To find the verbs that require a bit more of a change, check out this list of irregular verbs and past participles.

  1. Mrs. Tipley sprang up and down on her four-inch heels.
  2. With each bounce, the silver dolphin around her neck crashed into her collar-bone.
  3. I wrapped my blistered hands in some shirts I found under my dresser.
  4. That crazy dog bit my ear. I wanted to bite it back.
  5. Jared disappeared somewhere down the hallway.
  6. I blew out the candles before my sister saw the cake.
  7. My dad warned them. Twenty minutes later, the balloon popped and my cousin cried for three days.
  8. Kelsey showed him how to undo the latch. He watched as if his life depended on it.
  9. She begged me not to tell. I promised her I wouldn’t.
  10. The lizard grew overnight. By morning it looked like a dinosaur.

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