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Hunter’s Adventure

by Ink Wolf

It was a warm sunny day at a little cabin in the woods. 3 Kittens we’re playing out in the backyard. They’re mother had warned them not to go into the woods, she told them about huge cats living there, and they we’re known as; Cougars, bobcats, and sometimes a rare panther! The first kitten was named Violet, and Violet was the runt of they’re liter, she had a red and orange colored pelt. The second kitten was named Sugar, and Sugar had an all white pelt color. The third kitten was named Hunter, and Hunter was the only boy, and he had a brown pelt with darker brown stripes on his back, legs, and forehead.
The three kittens we’re play fighting with each other. They clawed with they’re tiny claws, and hissed. But they didn’t really mean to hurt each other, they we’re just playing. Hunter had stopped playing when he heard a strange noise in the woods, he turned around and looked at where he heard it. It sounded like a screech, or a loud clawing sound, he wasn’t quite sure. “Hey Sugar, Violet, did you hear that terrible noise?!” He asked his sisters, “Yeah, but what’s so scary about it? It could have been a bird!” Violet said in a squeaky little voice, Hunter rolled his eyes and said “Robin’s and other little birds don’t make that big of a noise!” “Why do you always make such a big deal over little things Hunter!” Sugar added in, Hunter hissed a little “No I don’t! You’re the one who makes a big deal!” He hissed angrily at her. Sugar flicked her tail around, she was getting annoyed with her brother “Whatever. C’mon let’s play!” she insisted, but Hunter didn’t want to. He looked back at the woods then back at his sisters and finally spoke up and yelled out “I Wanna go explore the woods!” Violet and Sugar looked at him as if he we’re crazy “Hunter, you can’t, it’s so dangerous, and mother said not to go!” Violet mewed at him. Violet was right, but he was courious about the woods, and what other creatures could be living out there. He looked at his sisters again, sighed and said “I guess you guys are right, it is dangerous!” Violet and Sugar we’re shocked because Hunter almost never admitted he was wrong about something…Hunter lied….
It was 5:00 PM when the kitten’s mother called them back inside, but Hunter was still wondering about what else could be in the woods..’What could be in those woods.. I Gotta know!’ Hunter thought, but then his thoughts we’re intruppted by his mother calling him in, “Uh.. Coming mother!” He called back, and trotted off into the woods.
As hunter walked through the woods, he noticed many odd creatures. A big lizard on the ground, a slimey looking creature in a shell too! Hunter walked up to the shelled creature, he pawed at it with his little claws extended. The creature with a shell suddenly went INSIDE the shell! “Whoa.. What kind of creature could this be. I feel like I have seen him before… A TURTLE! That’s what they’re called!” he said, thinking about the first time he had seen one. It had a shiny red and green mixed colored shell, it was a beautiful creature. Hunter continued his adventure into the woods, he saw lots of birds flying around and squaking to one another, but there was one thing that caught his eye at the moment. It was a waxy looking oval shaped thing, hanging from a branch. It smelled of honey and the air was filled with the sound of constant buzzing, with busy little bees, flying here and there. In and out of the waxy oval they came. Hunter became very courious about the waxy, natural yellow colored oval, so he climbed onto a big rock, and was able to jump, carefuly from branch to branch until he reached the waxy thing. He was careful not to come to close to the waxy thing, because he knew they we’re the bees home, although he didn’t know the name of it. He crept closer, and closer, until he slipped, and nearly fell off the branch! Luckily he caught the waxy thing, known as a bee hive, wich he didn’t know that was the name, he clung onto it until the limb hanging onto the branch cracked and snapped! He fell down the tree, not known what to do. But luckily, he fell onto some soft furry thing. He clawed at the bees that we’re trying to sting him, then one stung him on his shoulder “Agh! Get away bees! I didn’t mean to break your house, seesh!” He growled at the bees.
Suddenly… The furry thing he landed on, started to go higher and higher off the ground..
It was a bear! The bear stood high on it’s hind legs. He looked strong and fit for a bear that had fur that was turning grey. Hunter stood in awe at the sigh of this mighty being, until his terrible roar rung out into the forest, for the bear was angry at the swarming bees, and started to claw and roar at them. ‘This is my chance to escape!’ Hunter thought, and darted away from the bear and bees.
It soon became dark, and Hunter was lost, hungry and scared. “Mother.. Where are you? I’m tired, my shoulder is sore, i’m hungry.. Where are you Mother?!” He called out. Suddenly he heard an owl calling out as well “Who? Who? Who?” He asked, Hunter looked up at the barn owl, tilted his head to the right and said “Who? My Mother is who I am talking about!” The barn owl looked over behind him, as if he was pointing the direction to go, but with his head, and he cried out one last time “Who? Who? Who?” and flew off behind Hunter. Hunter followed the graceful owl as he glided through the tree tops of leaves the forest created. He jumped over rocks, climbed over fallen trees, then finally he was home! He couldn’t believe his that he was finally home! And his family was waiting for him too “Hunter my dear kitten! Your safe!” His mother mewed softly. Hunter ran up to his mother and purred and said “I Was exploring the woods!” His mother looked at him with worry and said “Hunter, don’t you ever explore the woods again, you had me worried sick my dear kitten!” Hunter looked down in shame and said “I know mother.. But I was so courious about the woods..” His mother looked down at him sympatheticly and softy meowed to him “Hunter, don’t be ashamed, I am just glad you have come home safely” Hunter giggled “Well, almost safely” he said pointing at the bee stinger that had gotten stuck in his shoulder. “Well don’t you worry little one, we can take care of your shoulder” She purred to him. They all went back inside, and Hunter told his father and sisters about his grand adventure in the woods. And he was safe and sound in his home once again.

The End.


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