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The Sword of the Winds

an ongoing play by The Purple Phoenix

Princess of Peace
As you should know, while I was out watching your performance, a dragon raided the palace!

That’s what I heard.

Princess of Peace
He kidnapped my grandmother–the queen! And he stole the royal treasury!

What? I didn’t hear about that last part! …Though that would explain why you raised taxes.

Princess of Peace
(Sighs) Precisely. I’m actually you didn’t know that part, because I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps. So as to not panic the populous.

I could see that.

Princess of Peace
I’ve pinpointed the location of the Dragon’s lair. Now, I thinking that you would…

(There is a large crash as a golden brown bird man, with with red feather markings glides in from stage left. He lands in front of the princess.)

(Bows) I am Wind-thrasher of the Bird-men kingdom. It is my duty to inform you that our kingdom’s sacred relic–the stone of the winds–has been lost. It is believed to have landed somewhere in your village. Do you know of its whereabouts?


Comments on: "The Sword of the Winds" (4)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    interesting, well written

  2. Luna_Lovegood said:

    This is really intriguing, and it’s so neat that you can think of all this while still writing The Group. Is it like you have a lot of different worlds living inside you?

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