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Fantasy Novel

I’m writting a fantasy novel, and here’s some of what I have so far:

Once upon a time, there was a young mage named Terryn. He lived on a western island where it was nice and cool, because of the northern wind currents.
So, it was the perfect temperature for practicing his magic for the exam (yes, he’s college trained).
Then he met Fredrick.
He’s an eager, talented young warrior looking for adventure. And bumping into the town mage the week before his test started one for him.
“Hail! Wait, those robes… are you a mage?” Asked Fredrick.
“Yes. And Excuse me, I’m getting lunch.” Terryn replied as he went to the fruit stand, “Hello Ysabel, I’d like three apples, two peaches, and some peas, please.”
“Would you like some oranges, too?” she asked.
“We Import from the southern peninula now? I didn’t know that. Anyway, I’ll have two.” Terryn said.
“Thanks. That will be… five pence, two farthings.” Ysabel told him, after weighing the food.
“Okay here you-DARN IT!!” Terryn cursed, feeling were his money bag had been. “My purse was stolen! It had two pounds pound in it!”
“It’s not so bad, I don’t have much money myself.” said Fredrick, trying to comfort him.
“That’s my food money!” Terryn yelled. Then he sighed, “I guess the best way to get money is to earn it. And I’m sorry for yelling like that Ysabel.”
“It’s okay. I would have done the same thing if my money was stolen” she told him.
“Who are you guys, anayway?” inquired Fredrick.
“I’m Terryn Clarke, the town mage, Enchanter, scholar, and a fifth year student in the western academy of magic.”
“I’m Ysabel Browne, Extremely sucsessful fruit and vegtable vendor for my famly’s farm, and prestess of the church of Thor, the god of thunder”
“Well, I am Fredrick Bigge, and I’m a warrior, blacksmith, and a town gaurd.”
“Okay. Anyway, I make my money by using my magic to help people, so do you guys need anything?” Terryn asked.
“No.” replied Fredrick
“I’m good, but go look in my church. You might find something there.” answered Ysabel.
“I’ll check there, and head back to my study if you need me. GoodBye.” said Terryn.
“See you later.”
Then Terryn turned around. “Can I still have my lunch?”

“Hehehe… adventurers are so stupid.” snickered Milo the hafling, “Half a pound? Let’s see…”
When the thief tried to open the bag, he failed.
“Password?” it asked.
“Password?” he inquired.
The bag opened up, and a lightning bolt came out and electrified Milo!
“Maybe I need a mage to disenchant it…” he said before passing out against the wall.


“zzzzz… wha? Hey look, a bag. What’s in it?”
“Oh crud!” Milo screamed, throwing the purse in the air befor-
Another bolt of electricity came out bag, this time into the sky.
“Oh, right. I was gonna fix that thing.” He said, going to the town mage.

When He got to the mage’s study he knocked on the door.
“Hello, what do you need?” he asked
“I need you to disenchant this bag.” the hafling told him.
“Why do you want me to?” He inquired
“Adventurer. Found this bag. Need someone to get rid of the magic so I can open it.” Milo Lied.
“How much will you pay me?” the mage asked
“Hmm… three gold crowns upon completion,” He offered.
“Deal.” The Human said, “My name is Terryn. Now let’s see about that bag…”
“Password?” the purse asked.
“That’s my voice! You stole my money-bag!” Terryn accused while aiming the bag at Milo.
“Ow!” he screamed.
“Looks like you’ve been wearing down the enchantment. I’ll make up for that damage! petram pellem!” Terryn shouted
His skin bulged, and hardened back down into rock “Heeeyaahhh!” he cried.
“Whoa! missed!” yelled Milo, as Terryn tried to punch him.
“I’ll get you!”
And he did. In the face.
“A bloody nose won’t stop me!” shouted Milo, tripping him.
“umph!” bellowed Terryn as he fell to the ground.
“That’s how I roll. I’ll go raid your study now,” Milo smerked.
“ugh.” groaned the mage, lifting up his arms.
“And why’d you try to kill me over some money?” the hafling wondered.
“I hate thieves!” snarled Terryn.
“Okay,” Milo said, closing the door behind him.
The mage clobbered the ground with his arms, causing* a boulder to erupt out of the ground! Pushing him up to a standing position.
Then he slammed the locked door open, and went inside.
“Ooohh” Murmured Milo, as he stared at a bottle with a green lquid inside.
“incendo!” Terryn shouted, causing a bright light to emanate from the bottle.
“Ack!” Milo screamed, dropping the potion.
“Whoa!” Terryn yelled, catching the container with a telekenetic hand.
“Take this!” he shouted, throwing the bottle at Milo.

Milo broke it with his dagger, getting acid on his blade.
“Hiyah!” he yelled while striking Terryn in the arm.
The hafling also jumped up and tried to hit the mage, but he was blocked and shoved back by Terryn.
And at that point, they were at a stalemate. Both looking for something to give them an advantage, turn the tables, and win the fight…
“Activate frost trap!” ordered Terryn.
Suddenly, Bright blue runes appeared on the walls, sending a frosty blast at Milo from both sides.
Then, Terryn kicked him in the chest, and Milo fell to the floor. He tried to get up, but the mage kept his foot on the hafling.
“No one attacks a mage in his own study,” Terryn intimidated “Or, for that matter, tries to have him disenchant his own magic item!”
“I-I’m sorry.” studdered Milo.
“You caused over 2 pounds worth of damage!” Terryn yelled, “That’s if I did all the work to repair it!”

“I’m taking you to jail.”

“Hello Fredrick. I have a prisoner for you.” Said Terryn, “This hafling stole from me, and made about four pounds of damage.”
“Okay, time to take you back to jail, Milo…” Fredrick sighed.
“You know this criminal?” inquired Terryn.
“Yeah, he comes back to town accasionally,” Fredrick told him, “always gets into trouble…”
“Punishment?” the mage asked
“Punishment…” Fredrick wondered, “I know! There’s farmer looking for an laborer! Milo will work for him until he earns four pounds, and all the money he gets will go to you.”
Terryn sighed, “Fine.”
“Aw man!” Milo complained.
Terryn rolled his eyes and left the building.
“You delibrately gave me a awful punishment!” Milo accused while in a jail cell.
“I’ts awful to have to deal with you always getting in trouble!” Fredrick yelled
“You’re a poohead.” sneered Milo.
“Shut up, Milo. You start working tomorrow.”
Fredrick sighed.

“Hey Ysabel,” Terryn said, “you know how someone stole my purse? it was a hafling.”
“Yup. After he stole from me, he tried to have me disenchant it so he could get my money.” Terryn explaned, “And then, when I realised what he was doing, he attacked me,
tripped me while I was in my stone skin, and tried to raid my study.”
“What else happened?” Ysabel asked.
“Well, it was my study, so It was easy after activating a few traps.” Terryn told her.

“Ah, I see. Milo’s back in town, I guess” Ysabel replied.
“Yeah… -wait. How do you know his name?” the mage inquiered.
“He’s my cousin’s best friend.” Ysabel answered.
“Hm… why isn’t he traveling with him then?” Terryn asked.
“He’s in jail.”
“Murder. According to Milo, a crazy zealot tried to kill him, and in ‘self defence’ he accedentally killed him.” Ysabel explained, “So now, Milo is travling around, trying to steal enough money to bail him out.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Hey, your arm is hurt!” Noticed Ysabel.
“Yup. The hafling broke a phial of acid with a dagger, and then stabbed me with it.” Terryn told her.
“Ouch. Let me heal you. Minor heal wounds.”
The big, open wound on Terryns arm immediately started shrinking, turning into a minor scratch.
“Wow! Thanks.” Terryn said.
“I pray to every night.” she replied.
“Oh, and here’s the money for the food I bought earlier.” said Terryn, while opening up his purse.
“Oh, and that reminds me, I need to go pay the other people.” Terryn remembered.
Then the mage walked down the street, turned the corner, and went into a bakery.

The Purple Pheonix


Comments on: "Fantasy Novel" (7)

  1. The Purple Pheonix said:

    Authors notes:
    By the way, after I copy and paisted it, I was editing it for this, and I accedentally pressed the Pressed “Post Comment” (I don’t know how).
    Also, I let my little brother control Fredrick.
    And “I pray to every night.” was supposed to be “I pray to Thor every night.”
    The Arcane magic spells (The one Terryn uses) are written in Latin.
    My name is James, I’m eleven, and proof that homeschooling can work.

  2. You certainly are, James! I’m very impressed.

    • The Purple Pheonix said:

      Also, me and my older Brother are making a game that’s going to in Alpha testing stage, when ever we decide we feel like playing it.

      • Awesome! Keep us updated.

        • The Purple Pheonix said:

          We’ve been working on the game for a while, and I personaly think it’s great (especialy because of the stuff Josh added to it :)), and I was wondering, is it okay if I post the rules for it on share your work?

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