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Schools of Magic (the Gathering)

by The Purple Pheonix

There’s five schools of magic,
They’re named after colors—it’s true.
I’ll explain them all one-by-one,
I’ll start with my favorite—blue.

The true power of blue magic,
Is its knowledge, and arcane lore.
Its coolness, and its structure,
Can create an icy core.

Magic of Red burns bright,
In the mountains, and in the air.
Its might, and its emotion,
Will make its inner fei-air.

Green magic is of nature,
Of Trees and Beasts with fur.
Of Instinct and ferocity!
And of natural beauity.

Protection is White magic,
Which is healing and much more.
The wrath of mighty angels!
And the holy or-id-oor

Black magic is a vile,
And a necromantic art.
A Black mage can be feared,
Selfish, and with a black of heart.

There’s five schools of magic,
Red, green, black, white, and blue.
Of all the kinds of magic,
which one, interests you?


Comments on: "Schools of Magic (the Gathering)" (3)

  1. what are the names!!!!

  2. I like the way you expressed the magic of the colors!

  3. this one of the best poems I’ve ever read!

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