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Science Fiction

Work together on science fiction.

What to include

Space. Or time travel. Or futuristic worlds. Build from scientific facts or theories. Usually includes catastrophic trouble. Life and death situations. Bizarre bad guys.  These suggestions are based on readers’ expectations for this kind of story. But it’s really up to you. The main thing is to have fun with it.

How to contribute

  1. To add to an existing story, copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page.
  2. To start a new story, write “NEW STORY” at the top of your submission, then copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page. After I receive your submission, you’ll find it listed under Group Projects with the next available number (ie Science Fiction #2, Science Fiction #3).
  3. Fill in the “name” box then click the “Post comment” button.
  4. For more information on how to copy/paste your writing onto the site, go to Share Your Writing.

Comments on: "Science Fiction" (10)

  1. The Purple Pheonix said:

    “Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”
    “Oh, shut it Tim, my name’s not Hal.”

    • The Purple Phoenix said:

      “Oh Edwin,” Tim said “You’re as dry as a cracker.”
      “At least I’m not as crazy as a heat-seaking grenade launcher.” Edwin replied.
      “Hey, they aren’t crazy, I have one!”
      “I know.”

    • The Blue Dragon said:

      “Just open the doors, Ed,” Tim said, “It’s your job!”

      • Ed flicked a small purple switch and the doors opened with a hiss. Tim stepped into the exterior doors and waited as the secondary airlock opened. He fumbled with his helmet, then removed it with a sigh of relief.
        “What’s our coordinates, Edwin?” he asked.
        Edwin sighed. “They haven’t changed, Tim! I know better than to turn on the engines with someone outside.” He shook his head. “Why did I take you again?”
        Tim smiled. “Because I’m a millionaire who paid to get on.” He tapped the dashboard. “Why can’t you make this stupid lump of metal go faster?”
        Ed grabbed Tim’s hand before he hit something vital. If there was one thing Tim was clueless about, it was anything mechanical- and with this being the most sophisticated rocket ever made, he didn’t want anything messed up.
        “Be content, Tim. It used to be that even going just 700mph was unthinkably fast.”
        “You know me, Ed- I’m never ‘content’.”

  2. “Exactly.” Edwin grumbled under his breath.”What was that?” said Tim sharply.”Nothing!”Ed said.

    • Edwin sighed. “Well, better get to sleep. We won’t reach our destination for another 12 hours.”
      “We’re in space! Normal time doesn’t apply!”
      “Tell that to the computer.”
      “Alright.” Tim turned to a big TV screen, and pressed a button on his suit. “Computer, we’re in space. Does normal Earth time apply?”
      The simulated face of a 20-year-old woman replied, “No, Tim.”
      “…Except for the purposes of sleeping and eating schedules.”
      “Told you,” Edwin said. “Get in your sleeping bag.”
      “Alright, see you in the ‘morning’.” Tim actually used quotation finger marks, deliberately bugging Edwin as he left the room.
      “Stupid Rich guy,” he grumbled as he got back to his engineering duties.

      • The next ‘morning’, Edwin got up rather early. It was dim inside the control room because the windows had been blacked out for sleeping. As he stepped into the room, the wall panels glowed softly and the computer’s undetectable whirr turned into a soft hum. He smiled. It was peaceful to be in a spaceship before the sleep period was done, especially because Tim wasn’t awake yet. He did some routine checks and double-checked their coordinates, and before long the sleep cycle was over.
        The windows became translucent again and Ed couldn’t suppress a gasp. Even after all the times he’d seen it, approaching a planet in low orbit was a stunning sight.
        “Wow.” Tim walked in, still half asleep. He blinked tiredly at the blue oceans, purple-green deserts, and crimson forests of the world rotating below them.
        “What’s that?”
        Edwin smiled. “That’s Lyhorra, where we’ll be landing in, oh, four hours.”

        • The landing sequence progressed as normal. They strapped themselves in and landed in a stretch of desert. Being half asleep didn’t help Tim’s mood, sadly.
          “Why do these ships vibrate when they land?” he said.
          “Well, if you think about it, the atmosphere is denser than our home planet’s, so the friction is higher and if you factor in the changing of velocity per second…”
          “Zip it, Ed. I don’t need a formula for this thing.”
          They put on their suits and Ed grabbed the pressure gauges and scientific equipment. He opened the airlock and stepped outside.
          “I am going where no man has gone before!” shouted Tim.
          “I place my feet on an undiscovered terrain-”
          It was Edwin’s turn to interrupt. “You do know that we’re the 57th ship to land here, right?”
          Tim shrugged. “Well, this spot that I’m standing on hasn’t been stood on before, and I guess that makes me-”
          But poor Tim was to be interrupted yet again, for Ed gasped loudly.
          “The pressure gauge! It’s falling by the second! Why is it that we land in a storm, of all places!? Go to the ship!”
          He stopped, looking at the huge cloud of mixed sand and water ice bearing down on them.
          “On second thought…”

  3. “Maybe not! Stay in the ship Tim! It’s safer in the ship! TIM, STAY IN THE SHIP, OR I WILL BODILY FORCE YOU BACK IN HERE! WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OFF AND LAND SOMEWHERE ELSE!” But before dimwitted Tim had a chance to exit, the doors clanged shut, and they lifted off, and went into an orbit around the planet, searching for a safe place to land.

  4. It seemed the whole planet was covered in storms. They couldn’t find one single spot that was safe to land on. Then, the computer said,
    “Edwin, Tim, you must stop orbiting this planet. Get as far away as you can. The planet’s core is set to self-destruct. Leave, now.”
    “This computer is malfunctioning. A planet can’t be set to self-destruct.” said Edwin, starting to reset the computer.
    “You are right, Edwin. But the planet Lyhorra is an artificial planet, made by the scientists of the planet Ganar,” said the computer.
    “An artificial planet!?” Tim said. “I’ve never heard of anything like an artificial planet!”
    “And they were made by the scientists of your planet, Tim.” Said Edwin. Wait a minute, Tim, are you…” Then, there was a giant explosion on the planet, making the ship lose it’s course.
    “Computer, Turn on Hyper drive, get us out of here.” said Edwin.
    “yes, Edwin. The planet exploded just as they were going into hyper space. They stopped the ship. They gazed at the destroyed planet. A tear came into Edwin’s eye.
    “My friend Samuel was on the planet.” He said. “Tim, you said you became a millionaire recently. Didn’t you?”
    “Yes,” said Tim.
    “How did you get the money?” asked Edwin.
    “It was given to me” said Tim.
    “By who?” said Edwin.
    “By my fiancé’s father. He is a billionaire and he wanted his daughter to marry a millionaire if not a billionaire, so he gave me the money.”
    “You are a liar!” said Edwin, pointing his ray-gun at Tim. “The scientists payed you to spy on me and make sure the 300+ people one that artificial planet were killed!” Tim pulled out his ray-gun and pointed it at Edwin.
    “I did not!” He yelled.

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