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Historical Fiction

Work together to write a story set in the past.

What to include

A time period that interests you. Authentic details. Strong characters.

How to contribute

  1. To add to an existing story, copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page.
  2. To start a new story, write “NEW STORY” at the top of your submission, then copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page. After I receive your submission, you’ll find it listed under Group Projects with the next available number (ie Historical Fiction #2, Historical Fiction #3).
  3. Fill in the “name” box then click the “Post comment” button.
  4. For more information on how to copy/paste your writing onto the site, go to Share Your Writing.

Comments on: "Historical Fiction" (2)

  1. It all started in 1999, when it was new century’s eve. My name is Ellie Langold, and this is the story of how that faitful night changed my life forever. My boyfriend and I were crossing the street when a black truck whipped around the corner and hit us, sending me flying into the air, where I hit a…
    Continue on from there

    • …man so tall and so wide I struggled to see all of him at once. “My goodness!” he exclaimed, “My dear, are you alright?” I nodded, grateful that I could hear him.

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