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Awesome World of Randomness

by Mikaela

Lol, new story! I have to admit I let my imagination run wild in this one. 🙂

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Show!
Mikaela: Hey guys, welcome to the Awesome World of Randomness show. I’m your Host, Mikaela, and I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. Everyone, please meet my friend…*Drum role playing*… Jimmy!
Jimmy: *Reading a book*
Mikaela: (Whispering) Jimmy! That’s your cue!
Jimmy: *Looks up from book* Oh, hi. *Pushes big glasses farther onto his nose, then looks at the book*
Mikaela: Sorry guys, Jimmy is a little shy. No worries though, allow me to introduce my other friend…*Drum role playing*…
Weird Dude: HEY!!!! NOBODY TOLD ME YOU WERE DOING A SHOW!!! *Barges into room and takes microphone away from Mikaela*
Mikaela: Seriously Dude? Now? I just started the introduction…
Mikaela: Well…the truth is…
W.D: HOW COULD YOU!?!!?!?!?!? I AM A PROFESSIONAL NEWS MAN!! NO SHOW IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A NEWS MAN!!!! *Suddenly appears at a desk* Hello, folks, this is W. Dude! Man of news!
Mikaela: W.D!!!!!!
Callie: (In a southern accent) Hello, partners! I’m sure your show wouldn’t be complete without a little country music! *Starts playing guitar*
Mikaela: Caallliiie!!!
Albert Wilberwale: *Slow mysterious music playing* my name is Albert Wilberwale, I’m here to tell you a curious tale. *Music stops*
*All look at Albert Wilberwale*
Pushed-in-Nose-Kitty: Meeeooooowwwwww!
All: *Jumps* Ahh!
*All see that Pushed-in-nose-kitty’s nose is dented into her face*
PINK: (In a squeaky voice) Hi.
*All stare in stunned silence*
PINK: What?
W.D: Your nose is dented.
PINK: That is because I push it all the time. *Pushes nose*
PINK: Not, yet, but I am very close to joining them and setting their headquarters to self-destruct, just like our plan said.
COW: Good. Keep up the good work! *Leaves**All look at each other*
PINK: What?
Mikaela: Oh, nothing. Sorry to keep you waiting folks. Now, let me introduce you to my friend, *Drum role playing*…
Samuel: Hello *Brown blur whizzes past Mikaela* How are you? *Brown blur stops, and a horse is standing in front of everyone.
Mikaela: SAMUUUUEL!!!!
Samuel: What? You people are so slow, it’ll take you forever to get through one show. You need speed, and I’m the guy you need.
W.D: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU RHYMED! *Starts laughing uncontrollably.*
Samuel: What’s up with him? And who is he?
Mikaela: Oh, that’s just Weird Dude.
Samuel: Your name is Weird Dude? Seriously?
W.D: *Stops laughing* yeah. What wrong with it?
Samuel: It’s a stupid name if you ask me.
W.D: *Steam coming out of ears* ARE YOU CALLNG ME STUPID?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Samuel: No. Just your name.
*W.D. Turns into bull and starts to charge*
Mikaela: Knowing Dude, I think this is the time for you to skedaddle, Samuel.
Samuel: Uh, yeah. Good bye! *Samuel turns into a brown blur and runs away*
Callie: Now how do we deal with an angry bull who is about to charge and smash us into smithereens?
Jimmy: Feed him some bull nip.
All: Bull nip?
Jimmy: Yeah. Here. *Jimmy reaches into his bag and gives them some bull nip*
Callie: Here, bully bully bully. Here boy, come see mama. Come see mama*Bull looks at Callie, eyes turn to hearts, and he come close and eats the bull nip, and rubs nose against Callie*
*All look at each other, Samuel comes back*
Callie: You’re a good boy. Yes you are, yes you are. *Bull turns back into W.D. as Callie kisses his nose**W.D. Looks at Callie like she’s nuts*
All but Callie and W.D: XD
Mikaela: Well, At least we have W.D. back.
Samuel: Hey? Where’s PINK?
*All look around*
Callie: Oh no! She must be inside the studios!
*All run inside, where PINK is fiddling with a computer*
Mikaela: What are you doing?!?!?!?!? *Pulls PINK away from computer as PINK pushes red button**PINK scratches Mikaela**Bunch of Cats appear*
COW: Hello, people-persons! I want you to meet my team. *Points to cat with a Santa hat and Christmas lights wrapped around her, holding an apple* this is Christmas-Apple-Kitty-Ella, aka CAKE, *Points to a super tall cat with big muscles* that is Big Bad Cat, aka BBC.
W.D: Like the TV channel?
COW: Like the TV Channel.
Computer: Warning, self-destruct sequence activated. Evacuate immediately.
COW: Bwah hahahahahaha! We are here to destroy your show! You see now, Mikaela, I will now get revenge!!!! *Cats charge toward them*
Samuel: Do, do you know them?
Mikaela: yep.
W.D: You obviously did something to offend them.
Mikaela: Yep.
Callie: Okay what was it this time?
Mikaela: No time to chat now. We gotta defeat these cats, and get out of here before the studio self-destructs.
W.D: Well, you’ve obviously fought these guys before. Show us what to do.
Mikaela: Okay. W.D, do your bull trick on BBC. Samuel, CAKE hates heat, and friction causes heat, so…
Samuel: Way ahead of you, sister, *Runs toward CAKE*
Mikaela: Callie, you got a pistol, don’t ya? Use it on PINK. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt her, just knock her out. Computer,
Computer: Yes, Mikaela?
Mikaela: Try your best to delay the self-destruct as much as you can.
Computer: Affirmative
W.D: What about COW?
Mikaela: I’ve got the big girl. *Transforms into a ninja**COW pulls out waffle gun and shoots waffles at Mikaela**Mikaela does cool flips and handsprings, avoiding the waffles as she goes toward COW.*
*Callie runs out of shots in her pistol* Callie: Oh, rats. *PINK starts to jump on her, but Callie hit her in the head with her guitar*
Callie: *Looks at guitar* Hmm!
*Jimmy sitting on the chair reading the book the whole time**BBC thrown against the wall by W.D./Bull*
Computer: Self-destruct in twenty seconds.
Samuel: We gotta get out of here!
*Cats get into spaceship*
COW: We’ll get you next time, Mikaela!
Mikaela: Come on! *All start running, Callie grabs back of Jimmy’s chair and drags him*
Computer: Self-destruct in 5…4…3…2 *All run out of building*…1…0…*Building blows up*
Mikaela: That was my most loyal computer. I’ll really miss her. *Human shaped robot comes out of smoke*
Computer: I downloaded myself into my robotic form just as the building exploded. I knew you would be pleased.
Mikaela: Computer! Yes I am. *Mikaela turns toward camera* Well folks, there you have it. This is the person I wanted you to meet, Computer.
*All but Mikaela look at each other*
W.D: You mean you wanted to do an entire television show about a stupid computer?!?!?!?!
Computer: I am not stupid. I am a highly developed artificial intelligence, who aids Mikaela in her missions.
Callie: Missions?
Mikaela, Um, yeah. Remember the title of the show? The Awesome World of Randomness? Well, I take…uh…trips to Randomness World every now and then. And that reminds me, I had better get going. *Starts to walk away.*
Samuel: Can’t we come too? We did help you defeat the cats.
Mikaela: Well…
Callie: We’ll help protect you!
W.D. Yeah! We’ll be your own personal bodyguards!
Samuel: And Jimmy can use his smarts to…uh…help us…uh…learn…stuff!
Mikaela: Sigh. Okay, I guess you all can come.
All: YAY!!!!!!!!!
W.D: Wait, how do we get to Randomness World?
Mikaela: We have to fly to my private island, where there is a portal and…
Callie: Let’s go! *Callie starts running toward nearest airport, but Mikaela grabs her*
Mikaela: Wait! First I need to pick up a few friends and bring them with us.
Samuel: What’s their names?
Mikaela: Um, first there is Hairy. He’s a monkey who eats hair.
W.D: Seriously?
Mikaela: Yep. Then there is Jaxon. And Inge.
Samuel: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go! *Runs off*

Episode 2 – COMING SOON!!!!!!!!


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