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Fantasy #2

Work together to write a fantasy.

What to include

Magic. Invented worlds. Bizarre characters. Maybe a quest or challenge. Or maybe a typical problem set in a strange or unexpected world with strange or unexpected obstacles. Unique details. This is your world but make it consistent and logical. These suggestions are based on readers’ expectations for this kind of story. But it’s really up to you. The main thing is to have fun with it.

How to contribute

  1. To add to an existing story, copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page.
  2. To start a new story, write “NEW STORY” at the top of your submission, then copy/paste your writing into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the page. After I receive your submission, you’ll find it listed under Group Projects with the next available number (ie Fantasy #2, Fantasy #3).
  3. Fill in the “name” box then click the “Post comment” button.
  4. For more information on how to copy/paste your writing onto the site, go to Share Your Writing.


Comments on: "Fantasy #2" (1)

  1. Christian said:

    Once upon a time in the 1800’s Captain John Smith was at sea. Everything was going fine until a storm appeared out of nowhere. He and his two sailors, Chris Mackenzie and Summer Davis, were battling the storm. They through off all the cargo to make the ship lighter. Then, all of the sudden, A giant whirlpool appeared in front of them, they were getting pulled into it and couldn’t do anything about it. Then, they sunk into it! They fell through layers and layers of water and air. It all happened so fast they didn’t even know what was happening. They fell through about three miles of air and then landed in an ocean. It was sunny and calm. “What just happened?” said Summer.
    “I have no idea,” said the captain.
    “What’s that!?” said Chris. Pointing to the ocean. There was a fish type thing swimming toward them. Then, all of the sudden, a mermaid jumped up onto the railing of the boat! Then the captain drew his sword. The mermaid drew her sword and then spoke.
    “Who dares come armed into my kingdom?” She said.
    “I am Captain John Smith. This is Chris Mackenzie, and Summer Davis. What are you?’
    “Can’t you see? I am a mermaid. Princess Mohina. What are you? Humans?”
    “Yes,” said captain. “We are.”
    “How did you get here?” said Mohina.
    “We were in a storm, got pulled into a whirlpool, and ended up here.” Said Chris.
    “The prophecy has come true!” Said Mohina with a gasp. She was very surprised. “The prophecy that three humans will come from a whirlpool, and save us from the evil emperor octopus who has been trying to take over our kingdom!”

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