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Privacy Policy

Diane Owens, Site Administrator
P.O. Box 272
Orion, IL 61273
(309) 526-3656


  1. This site is in compliance with COPPA – the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act – as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  2. It is not required to submit personal information to participate on this site.
  3. Last names are not asked for or displayed.
  4. Site visitors are informed that the Name and Email fields (which appear at the top of the “Leave a reply” form) are not required to post comments or submit work (except for participation in Group Projects which requires a first name and last initial – refer to policy 10, below).
  5. Children 13 years old and younger are instructed not to provide email addresses.
  6. If a visitor chooses to provide his/her email, it is not displayed anywhere on the site.
  7. Provided email addresses are used for communication purposes only and only if there is a specific problem/question regarding a submission to the site. Email addresses are destroyed as soon as the issue/problem is resolved.
  8. Email addresses are not  collected or disclosed and no email lists are generated.
  9. Cookies are disabled on all areas of the site.
  10. If a child wishes to participate in projects that involve children from multiple schools (referred to as “Group Projects” on the site), it becomes necessary to distinguish that child from others on the site so that fair and equal participation in such projects can be maintained. In this case, the child will be asked to provide his or her first name, last initial and the last name of his or her teacher.
  11. All submissions are moderated for appropriateness before being posted to the site.

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