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Work together to write a mystery.

What to include

A search. A puzzle. Maybe a crime. Suspects. Secrets. Real clues. False clues. Don’t give away too much too soon. These suggestions are based on readers’ expectations for this kind of story. But it’s really up to you. The main thing is to have fun with it.

How to contribute

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Comments on: "Mystery " (6)

  1. It all started when I found the dead body in my basement, smelly, rotting, and gross looking. I screamed, and ran up the basement stairs, screaming “There’s a dead body in the basement! Call the police! Call the police! There’s a dead body in our basement!”

    • I don’t remember the police coming, just that they got there super quick.
      “When did you find the body?”
      “Why were you going down there in the first place?’
      “Are you all right?’
      “You’re as white as a sheet.”
      “Here, sit down.”
      “Breathe into a paper bag.”

      They kept on talking, talking, talking, and I wished that I could just disappear.

  2. Mikaela said:

    I sat down onto the couch. Everything became quiet, even though the police were still talking. Then, I saw a female figure about three yards away. It had white hair, it’s skin was a pale color, and it had a long, white, strapless dress that went down to her ankles, and white wings, each bigger than she was. She also had a small, white tiara on her head.
    “Young lady! Can you hear me?” Said one of the police. “I need to ask you something.”
    I looked over to the policeman, then looked back to where I saw the figure. She was gone.

  3. “What did you say your name was?”
    “Thank you…” The policeman scribbled in a notebook with a biro. “Lola, when you saw the body, what were you doing in the basement?”
    “I was looking for a blanket for the couch.” I explained.
    “Okay… were there any features that first caught your eye?”
    “No, only that it was dead and it smelt.”
    “I see…” But I looked past the officer and into the study, where the figure had appeared. It looked at me, and opened it’s mouth to speak:

  4. That night, as I was laying in my bed, I thought about what had happened. The police had gone, and detectives were searching the basement and looking at the body. I heard footsteps. I crept up to my door to see if I could hear what they were saying.

    “Yes, it was male. I am having these DNA samples brought back to the laboratory to see if they can figure out who it is.” said one of the men.

    “Mr. Johnston, I advise you and your family move out of the house until we have gathered all the information we can, and that the house is fully sanitized. Please don’t go into the basement or touch anything that has been in the basement in the last two days.”

    “I understand.” said my father. “When will we be able to move back in?”

    “I don’t know. But you will be contacted when it is safe.”

    “Alright. Sara?”

    “Yes, Alfred?” said a woman as she came into the room.

    “We will need the emergency kit. I’ll go wake Lola. We must leave by midnight.”

    “Where do you plan on going, Alfred?” Asked Sara, his wife.

    “I’m sure My parents will let us stay on the farm for a while. Besides, My father could use a little extra help.”

    “But your parents live thirty six hours away.”

    “I know. But we really don’t have any other choice, Sara.”

    I slowly crept back to my bed. I closed my eyes and waited for my dad. I heard my bedroom door creak. I opened my eyes.

    “Lola, I’m afraid…”

    “I know, father. I heard.” I said. “What’s the deal with that body in our basement anyway? I was just down there thing morning and nothing was there. Then, a few minutes later, there it is.”

    “I don’t know, Lola. But, I need you to get dressed, and get that big suitcase in your closet, and pack some clothes, and any belongings that can fit. Then I need you to get your comforter, your sheets, and your pillows and bring them downstairs. I also want you to help your mother downstairs. Okay?” he kissed me on the forehead and went back downstairs. I got dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and a sweater. Along with most of my clothes, I packed my clock, some fingernail polish, most of my books, my tablet, my laptop, and a special ceramic teapot my grandmother gave me. I put a few more things in the suitcase until it was stuffed full, took my bedding off, and carried my stuff downstairs.

    “Here you go father,” I said.

    “Good, Lola. I’ll take it out to the car. Why don’t you help your mother?”

    I went into the kitchen, where Mother was packing food in boxes and coolers.

    “Mother, what can I do to help you?”

    “Oh, Gabrielle, (Gabrielle is my middle name, though I don’t know why my Mother calls me that), could you go into the attic and get four blankets, and a few more large boxes? Thank you honey.”

    After I got what mother needed, I put some batteries, books, some important documents, and some other items in a box. Mother was busy taking valuables, jewelry and decorations off the shelves and putting them in boxes. That is when I saw it. The figure that had appeared to me this morning. She was standing in the study, the exact place where she was this morning.

    “Lola, I want to help you,” She said in a quiet, almost musical voice, without moving her lips.

    “Who are you?” I said.

    “I am Maralisa.” she replied. suddenly, I was transported to another world. There were gray clouds in a dome shape all around me. The figure was standing, (More like floating) in front of me. A pillar of yellow light appeared in the center of the cloud dome.

    “Lola, if you want to find out what really happened, you must listen to me.” said Maralisa.

    “Where am I?” I asked.

    “You are at the Cloud Gate.” She said. “The gate that connects your world to mine. Your house was build below it, on the surface. All those from my world must enter your home when traveling from one world to another.”

    “This is absurd!” I said. “I must be dreaming!”

    “No, Lola. It is real. Your World is called Surface, our world is called Sky. The worlds were never meant to co-exist, but our dark King, Koma, created the Cloud Gate Many years ago. Much of our people have entered your world, never to return. For once we enter the Surface, we cannot return, for we become as you are, a light being. And light beings cannot live with a body in the Sky, they are transformed into spirits.”

    I thought about this for several minutes. “But, what does this have to do with the body in my house?” I asked.

    “That body was one of our people, a Tree-Elf. Half plant, half elf. Wonderful man he was. Until his curiosity overcame him, and he entered Surface through the cloud gate.”

    “But, how did you survive?”

    “The royal family may enter both worlds whenever they wish. I am the Sky’s Princess.” She replied. “And you,” She said, “Are the one who can stop this, before it is too late.”

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