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Work together to write a poem.

Some ideas to get you started

Start a poem about any of the following topics:

  • pets
  • friends
  • family
  • your favorite season
  • your favorite sport
  • your favorite place
  • your favorite holiday
  • your typical day

OR you may start a poem about anything that interests, excites, baffles or terrifies you. It’s really up to you but it would probably be best if you pick a topic that other site visitors can relate to.

How to contribute

  1. To add to an existing poem, copy/paste your verse into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of the poem.
  2. To start a new poem, copy/paste your poem into the “Leave a Reply” area at the bottom of this page. Write “NEW POEM” at the top of your submission, followed by your poem’s title.
  3. Fill in the “name” box then click the “Post comment” button.
  4. After I receive new poems, you’ll find them listed under Group Projects ~ Poems. Titles will be listed in alphabetical order.
  5. For more information on how to copy/paste your writing onto the site, go to Share Your Writing.

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