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Work together to write a fantasy.

What to include

Magic. Invented worlds. Bizarre characters. Maybe a quest or challenge. Or maybe a typical problem set in a strange or unexpected world with strange or unexpected obstacles. Unique details. This is your world but make it consistent and logical. These suggestions are based on readers’ expectations for this kind of story. But it’s really up to you. The main thing is to have fun with it.

How to contribute

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Comments on: "Fantasy " (22)

  1. The Purple Pheonix said:

    Hello. My name is Edwinn Goldenstar, Grandson of the famous Nickolas GoldenStar, The Starmage, Man who brought back the Light, ect, ect. Anyway, this is the story of how I became his apprentice.
    You see, my parents are farmers…

    • The Purple Pheonix said:

      You see, my parents are farmers, and one of my uncles is the mayor, and there’s a forest on one side of the town, and plains on the other side, and a river runs through our town, and orcs, and goblins, and– I’ll just tell you what happened.

      • I’m not sure why I went down to the river. Really, I was supposed to be hoeing, but I didn’t feel like doing work. It was hot. And sticky. So I went down to the river, under the biggest willow, and stuck my toes into the water.
        I had almost fallen asleep in the cool mud when I heard some dark mumbling. I thought I was dreaming, and I just rolled over slightly. I listened to the rasping chant very faintly, wondering what it was saying. All of a sudden, a huge yet silent blast of light swept over me. I leaped up, startled, but all I could see was white dots for a second. I tripped and landed in the river, blinking spots and water out of my eyes.
        I found myself staring at a bright, blue-silver stone. I reached out to touch it, but yanked back as I felt the temperature of the water around it. By all rights it should have been glowing red with heat!
        I pulled a handkercheif out of my pocket and wrapped the stone up in it, then dashed for home.

  2. Well, when I got home, I deposited the stone upon my bed, and removed the hankerchief, only to find the rock was as cold as ice, and the whatever it was touching was starting to have an ice webbing around it. I wrapped it back up in the hankerchief, only to find I was turning to ice

  3. My hands, arms, shoulders – now all a pale grey colour. I tried to gasp, but my face was freezing, too. My entire body was freezing over, and I was barely breathing. Just when I was ready to pass out, my grandfather, Nickolas burst in to my room.
    “Edwinn!” he cried, and delved into his pocket. He took out an orange stone and placed it in my icy hand. Immediately, the ice gave way to wet, pink fingers. I wiggled my arm loose and smiled. The orange stone was warm, not hot, but a nice temperature of warm.
    “Edwinn, I… you… you can’t tell anyone of this. Understood?”
    “Understood.” I said in a hoarse whisper.
    “That was, actually, very impressive. Most people who get touched by nerve stones in that state don’t last two minutes!” Grandfather noticed my blank expression and continued: “You probably want an explanation for this.That stone, over there, is a nerve stone.” he pointed to the rock on my bed – now solid ice. “Nerve stones can randomly change temperature. The one you’re holding now is at mid-state. The one upon your bed is at low-state.”

    • His voice dropped. “Tell nobody, though. Not a soul. Too many people would love to get their hands on a nervestone who have no business messing with them.”
      He picked the stone up gingerly, setting it in a box inlaid with runes. He was about to close it when he hesitated.
      “This was in cold mode?” he asked.
      I nodded, unsure.
      He shook his head darkly. “The stone’s pattern… this is a hot-type stone. Hot-type stones freezing, children surviving nervestone freezes…” He shook his head yet again.
      “Just tell nobody, okay?”
      And with that, he left with both stones.

  4. I couldn’t keep it a secret. I had to tell someone. My best friend, Halo Fierra, who was a wizard, was just across the river. I would go to her house tomorrow and ask her about it. The next day I went to her house and asked her about the nervestones. “Nervestones you say?” she said. “My name means frozen fire, and my father said it had something to do with the destruction of the world. And nervestones. I will look it up in one of my books, and tell you tomorrow if I find anything.” So I had to wait a little longer. No problem. I could use that time to make up what I didn’t hoe yesterday. Unfortunately.

  5. The next day Halo Fierra came over to the farm to talk about what she had found. “My history book says that a thousand years ago, the minotaurs had invaded our land. they beat the men and starved the women. But my father had been there, and he lead our armies and defeated the minotaurs. but the minotaurian chief had escaped and told my father that he would attack us again in a thousand years.” then she looked at me and my grandfather worriedly, “and this was written a thousand years ago. And he would be changing the nervestones, hot-types to cold-types and cold-types to hot-types when he would be returning soon.”
    “That explains why that hot-type stone was ice.” said my grandfather.” but why did Edwinn survive that freeze?”
    “I also read that the ‘one who survives the nervestone freeze, is the one who will defeat the minotaurian chief'” said Halo Fierra.

  6. “Wha-” I began.
    “Yes. That’s you, Edwinn.” Halo Fierra explained.
    “Yes. Yes, I got that…”
    Grandfather stroked his chin. “I see.” he paused, “But how? How can Edwinn defeat him?”
    “My father will know. In fact, why don’t we ask him now?” suggested my friend, Halo.
    “Alright then.”
    And so we left the farm and set off to Halo Fierra’s house.
    Halo lives in a castle across the river. It was the first thing to be built when people first settled in our village. Most of the walls have fallen down since then, but there’s still enough space for three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a library.

  7. “Father, We have found the one to defeat the minotaurs and restore peace to the land!” said Halo Fierra.
    “Edwinn?” Said Halo’s father. “Come with me Edwinn. I have something to show you.” He lead me, Halo, and Grandfather to a table in the library. On the table there was a map. “listen Edwinn. there is a magic crystal hidden somewhere in forest of flame. This crystal answers only to the chosen one. This map speaks of a hidden passage to the crystal but I do not have the skill to find it. But there are others who can.
    “The Elves!” Said Halo Fierra. “we must see the Elvenking, for he will know how to find the answer in the map.”
    “I’ll go.”
    “Edwinn,” Grandfather said. “I don’t think you should go alone. you’re only sixteen.”
    “I’ll go with him. I know these roads well.” said Halo.
    “Very well. Peace be with you Edwinn Goldenstar and Halo Fierra.” said Halo’s father.

    • Christian said:

      It took 6 days to get to the Elven kingdom. When we got there, we went straight to the Elvenking. When we got to the palace, we went into the throne room. Halo gave the king the map and said, “King Grandon, my friend Edwinn is the chosen one!” said Halo Fierra.

  8. The Elvenking looked down his long, white nose at her.
    “My my, if it isn’t Halo Fierra!” he chuckled. I blinked at him, then at her.
    “Halo, you didn’t mention you knew him.” I whispered.
    Halo shrugged casually, “I’m a wizard. You’d be surprised at how much we get around.”
    That was Halo – she was full to the brim with surprises.

  9. The Elvenking didn’t say anything for a few moments. “The chosen one, you say? Where is he from? How did you find out?” The Elf asked, touching the ivory crown on his head and frowning slightly as if in deep thought. At his feet, a small dragon was curled up, one with scales of pale, moonlit silver and eyes of the frostiest white. It looked up at Edwinn with an almost human-like expression on its face and went as still as a statue.

    The king looked down. “Ah.. Cragice seems to have noticed something… What is it, mellon-nin?” (LOTR elvish for ‘my friend’) He asked the small yet important-looking dragon.
    The beast merely looked up slowly and blinked his icy cold eyes.

    “Dalader-con.. Chareke-los dala-Edwinn.. Dangehd laodh croskagh-huld.” A sudden voice sounded that was as cold as ice yet wise, and that seemed to be coming from the dragons chest.

    “I see, mellon-nin.. Danger.. But.. what danger?” He asked.

    The dragon did not answer.

    “Well.. Halo, what do you need?” He asked, interlacing his fingers together and leaning forwards towards Halo.

    (Is that ok?)

  10. Has this story died?

  11. “My father found a map. There is a crystal is the forest of flames. On this map” she said as she pulled the map out of her bag. “there is a clue hidden. My father doesn’t have the skills to find it. We need you to find the clue. Can you do it?” she said as she handed him the map.
    “Let’s see” he said. He opened the map and stood up. He paced slowly across the room. He stood still and moved his fingers across the map. He whispered something in Elvish.
    “I’ve got it!” he said. “If you wish to speak to the crystal of Flames, you must complete three trials. First head north to the cave of Dunhyn. Obtain the sword of Truth. Then go west to the town Mirelle. Defeat the great Orc enslaved in the prison. Burn his heart. Third, go south to the plain Sania, Find a blue circle in the ground. Thrust your sword in the center, and find the shield of Bravery. If you complete the trials, head to the forest and you will be granted passage.”

    • Annie Song said:

      Halo and I had a feast with the Elvenking and the next day, we set off on horse. The cave of Dunhyn was very far, and by the time a day had passed, we had not even gone half way. This worried me and while we set up camp beside a little creek, I told Halo my worries.
      “I noticed that too,” she said. “There must be some magic. A time guardian must’ve wanted us to wait.”
      I knew about time guardians. They were mice that had a special watch that could make time go slower or faster. I didn’t know why they wanted this mission to go slow. Sure, the Elvenking didn’t say about a deadline, but still. It was boring to just ride on a horse all day, seeing the world, and not do anything helpful except worry and think. I guess worrying isn’t helpful anyway.

  12. Annie Song said:

    Has this story died? Help! Someone save the story!


  14. Annie Song said:


  15. The wind sent chills up my spine. It was getting colder. I checked my satchel that had the nerve stones inside. The cold stone was glowing. I reached in to touch it, but as soon as I put my hand inside the satchel, I pulled it back, for the cold stung my hand. I closed the pouch. The sun sunk deeper, and faster than it had the night before. Large, white flakes started float down. Ice crystals started forming on the horse’s mane. The sweat froze on his face. Halo didn’t push the weak horse any longer. She pulled back on the reins, and he stopped. She hopped down off the horse, And I followed her.
    “Edwin, you gather firewood, and I’ll try and find some shelter for the night,” She said. I nodded. I saw some trees a little far off, and I started towards them. The satchel rubbed against my neck. Only a little farther, I thought. When I reached the trees, though, they were gone. The snow was falling hard. I couldn’t see more than three feet in front of me. I called for Halo, but she couldn’t hear me.
    Suddenly, I was pushed to the ground. Something had pounced on me. I opened my eyes, expecting it to be a lion, a wolf, or something else that would tear me to shreds. But it wasn’t. It was a small mouse with glowing red eyes. He aimed a small arrow at me.
    “You dare cross the borders of the great Ice Wizard?” He squeaked. I notice a watch on his left wrist.
    “Are you a time guard mouse?” I asked. His eyes stopped glowing.
    “Well, yes. Of course I am. But, the real question is, who are you?” He jumped off me. I stood, and brushed myself off. Strong for a little guy.
    My teeth chattered as I spoke. “I am Edwinn Goldenstar,” I said. I tried to wrap my cloak around myself for warmth.
    “I am General Chipcheep, of the Time Guardians.” he said with a bow. The snow had stopped falling. “I see you are a trustworthy man. Perhaps you would like some help getting back to you friend.” he said. I nodded. He twisted his watch with a click. We appeared in a small cave, where Halo had lit a fire.
    “What in the world?” she said. “Oh, Edwinn, it’s you. With a Time Guardian?” She looked perplexed.
    “This is Chipcheep, and he wants to help us,” I said. Not that he actually did, but still.
    “Excuse me, I did not say I wanted to help you, I simply said that I would help you get back to your friend. But since we seem to be on the same side, I think I will stay.” He was looking at Halo the whole time. Oh, so THAT’S why he was helping us. Sure, she was pretty and all, but seriously? A mouse likes my best friend? Nuh uh. No way. Not gonna happen.
    “But I think you should get back..” I began.
    “Now wait a minute, Edwinn, I think he could be of use to us.” Halo said. “Chip, could you tell us why it is snowing in June, and maybe you could help us get to the cave of Dunhyn?”

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