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Wings and Other Stuff

by Elsy, Mimi, Sophie, Patti and Bunnie


Somewhere, maybe close to where we are, maybe further away than imaginable, exists a race of extraordinary winged beings. They live lives incredibly similar to ours, yet incredibly different.
This place is also home to some of the most deadly dangers the universe has ever seen. Giant, bloodthirsty insects, volcanos that never cease from erupting and fires that spread faster than is realistic are not even the beginning.
These beings don’t gain unique wings until the end of their childhood. Around this time, they discover fascinating abilities beyond our wildest dreams, abilities that have been passed down from generation to generation, abilities ranging from telepathy to disguising, abilities that could destroy or save their world…
But which one is it?

Let us know what you think, Bunnie, Elsy (Yes, that Elsy), Mimi, Patti and Sophie

Chapter 1

This was it. It was all coming down to this.

A white light burned through my eyelids. I felt myself lift up and particles formed around my shoulder blades. And then,

“Ahhh!” I screamed, wincing in agony. Nobody ever mentioned transformation would hurt this much…
With one final strain, I waved goodbye to childhood and hello to adolescence.
Wings. I had ‘em.

“Araminta! We heard a scream. Is everything okay?” Amethyst, one of my best friends burst through the dormitory door, without properly looking up.
“I don’t know. Is it?” I shut my eyes tight, not sure if I was ready to see this.
Amethyst looked up at me and her jaw dropped.
“Oh, Araminta!” cried my friend Elena. “Your wings… they’re existent!”
“Are they pretty?” I squeezed my eyelids tighter.
“Pretty, they’re-” but she didn’t finish, because Sephonie had entered and was now screaming. I could recognise it from anywhere.
“Oh Em Gee. They are george, Minty!”
“I’ve read ALL the mags, and your wings totally remind me of that celebrity in…” Beronica’s usual celebrity gossip followed.
“Hey, nice wings. You gonna sign up for flight cross country? Flight hockey? Flight lacrosse?” asked Pearl. Pearl was obsessed with sport, and in pretty much every school team.
“Maybe. Just, take me to a mirror. I want to see!”
“Okay, okay…” said Sephonie, taking my shoulder and leading me, squealing. Sephonie was really artistic, and she loved fashion and co-ordination and all that.

The six of us are all in a dorm together. We attend Escric high, a mixed boarding senior school.

I opened my eyes and gasped. I saw my usual self, my shiny blonde hair that hung below my shoulders, emerald eyes and freckles. Plus these humongous electric blue blades on either side of me, with flicks of baby pink.
“Oh, wow.” I said at myself. I felt for the sword that we would get after transforming beside my hipbone.
Pearl, Amethyst and Beronica all already had wings. Peal’s were gold, like her sword, and Amethyst’s were purple and grey. A silver sword lay by her side. Beronica’s were hot-pink, and her sword was steel, naturally a pale pink.

“We must tell EVERYBODY!” Beronica shouted. Beronica was resident gossip girl.
“No, not yet! Can I please just adapt before we tell everyone? It’s a Sunday, so we can stay in here a bit longer…”
But Beronica had already flown out of the door and down the stairs.
“I wonder how long it’ll be until you start flying, Minty.” Pearl hovered with excitement.
“Probably a while. I don’t know, reall-”
“Just try now, anyway!” Sephonie giggled.
“No, Seph, that’s really dangerous!” Elena nagged. She was academic and intelligent, always playing by the rules.
“Aww, come on, Elena.” Amethyst rolled her eyes. Amethyst was the musician of the group. Grade 6 for every instrument known to man, that kind of person.
I didn’t care. I just stretched, snapped them open, and…

…I was nearly on the ceiling.
“How are you doing that? Come down!” Elena demanded.
“I don’t know… It just feels really natural, you know?”
Pearl snapped her fingers. “Beronica will love this! Be right back.” And with that, she held her hand out and a whirlwind of gold light appeared. Pearl has become really good with her portals, recently. You see, the average thirty-year-old with portals as an ability can make portals from one place to another, if they are in places they know exist. Pearl can make portals even in places she doesn’t know exist, and she’s twelve. Gifted, much?
I beat my wings rhythmically, so that I stayed in the same place in the air.

‘So, Pearl tells me you can fly.’ said a voice. It was Beronica and her telepathy. Again, Beronica is scarily gifted with her ability. I remember the first time she used it on me – it was the scariest thing ever. But now I don’t go a day without hearing it.







Comments on: "Wings and Other Stuff" (2)

  1. I think they might be harpies.

  2. Elsy, Mimi, Sophie, Patti, Bunnie said:

    Authors’ note:

    Hi, we hope you’ve enjoyed this so far. The five of us were (also) in a dorm together, so we decided to write a story for this website. However: after Easter, we’re going to be split up into different dorms. We will still keep writing, but not much at a time. Thank you for reading 🙂

    Also, if you didn’t notice, we each represent one character.

    Mimi: Amethyst
    Sophie: Sephonie
    Pati: Pearl
    Elsy: Elena
    Bunnie: Beronica

    They are more or less based around us.

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