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Champions in Friendship

by Elizabeth B.
You wouldn’t think two girls who were so different could become good friends but Lauren Sharder and Christy Rose were the best of best friends the world has ever seen. The epic friendship began one sunny day on the steps of Roven Elementary School. Lauren had always been a well-liked student at the school, because of her kindness to others, and it was that kindness that caused Lauren Sharder to meet her future best friend, Christy Rose.
On that particular sunny day it was Christy’s first day at Roven Elementary, and as many people are on their first day of anything, she was nervous. “You nervous?” asked Mom. “A little bit,” I answered. “Don’t worry about a thing. I know my little ray of sunshine will do just fine,” said Grammy, as she beams. It was actually because of Grammy that they were here. She had been diagnosed, as having the early stages of Alzheimer and when she was diagnosed we felt we should move from our east coast beach-front home to the beauty of Colorado. The bus is here honey! Better hurry!
Things were quite different at the Sharder home that morning. There certainly was a lot more noise as the sleepy kids were awoken. “Joel honey, did you do your math homework like I told you? It’s due today,” said Mom. Uh… “Please tell me you did it.” pleaded Mom. “Rover ate it,” said Addie, as she briskly walked into our jumbo-sized kitchen. Our dog was famous for eating things that we needed for school. The funny thing was he didn’t eat any other papers. “Hurry up Debbie!” I called up the stairs. Debbie was 16 and my only way to school. She was also the sleepiest in the morning and that’s quite an accomplishment with eight – soon to be nine – people to compete with.
So these two totally different girls left at about the same time to the same place. Christy sat alone on the bus not knowing anyone to talk to, while Lauren sat in a car chatting away with her sister Debbie. In a couple of minutes these two girls would meet in a rather unusual way.
“ See ya later Deb!” I shouted. See ya. Oh, I almost forgot. I won’t be able to pick you up today. That’s ok, I’ll just walk. At that time Christy was just getting off the bus. Roven Elementary, here I come, she thought.
Both girls headed for the steps, Lauren stopping to greet several people on the way. As Lauren skipped up the steps she looked over at the girl on the other side of the steps. She must be new, she thought, then looked away. The next time Lauren looked over, the new girl had fallen to the steps, sending papers flying. Christy felt so dumb. Why did this have to happen today, she thought. Several people laughed at this new girl and kept walking but Lauren rushed over to help the girl.
“Are you ok?” asked Lauren. “Yeah, I’m fine,” answered Christy. Lauren started to help pick up the things Christy had dropped. “Oh, you don’t have to help me!” exclaimed Christy. “No, I want to!” said Lauren. At that moment the two girls’ eyes met and somehow each one knew they had discovered something special.

2 Years Later
“Come on Christy!” shouted Lauren. It was the middle of a soccer game with 1 minute to go and it was a tie game. Christy was goalie for the Roven Lions, she had to make sure nothing went past her. It was this game that would determine whether or not the Lions would make it to the championship game. The clock was now at 30 seconds and the Cheetahs had the ball. As they made it down towards the goal, the Roven crowd shouted its encouragement. I’ve gotta stop that ball, thought Christy. Ten seconds left and number 11 shoots at Christy’s goal within close range. The crowd almost becomes silent as they wait for great disappointment or great joy. The ball seems to go in slow motion to Christy and Lauren. In 3 seconds Christy could become the most popular or unpopular girl at Roven Junior High School. Christy reaches upward as she jumps to try and reach the ball but it’s just too high. “The goal is good!” shouts the announcer. Christy is too stunned to even speak or cry and runs off the field.
Why couldn’t I have caught that ball? thought Christy miserably. As soon as Lauren saw Christy run off the field she knew where Christy was headed and Lauren headed there too. As Lauren headed over to comfort her friend she thought about when they discovered their secret place. The secret place was an old shed that they had turned into a clubhouse, it was very overgrown but they liked it that way, it seemed mysterious.
Christy heard footsteps and saw in the doorway her best friend, Lauren. “You order a pizza?” asked Lauren. Christy couldn’t help but grin, Lauren could make the best out of any situation. Lauren came over to sit down beside her friend. “So what happens next?” asked Christy. “A celebration!” said Lauren gleefully. “But we just lost,” said Christy,” no one will want to celebrate with a loser.” “I agree with you there,” said Lauren. “So how in the world could we celebrate?” asked Christy. “With the winners,” answered Lauren. Then you should go talk to the other team, you psyco. But I have a winner right beside me. “Who me?” asked Christy. Yes you. You’re a champion in my book. So off the two friends went hand in hand to celebrate their victory in friendship.


Comments on: "Champions in Friendship" (5)

  1. Elizabeth B. said:

    This was a story I entered in a contest about 10 months ago

  2. Kaden B. said:

    This was written by my sister isn’t it good!

    • yes, it is. I liked her report on dolphins and your poem, too. I’m happy to see both of you here and hope to see more of your writing!

  3. The Purple Pheonix said:

    That’s some really great stuff!

  4. Annie Song said:

    I like it! There were some parts I didn’t get, but I like the story!!! 🙂

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