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For Plots

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Come up with a goal

Write a paragraph for each question.

  • What does Ms. Kantduitt want from us?
  • Why does she want it?
  • What does she have to do to get what she wants?

* * *

Make some trouble

Someone I know wants to prove she’s more responsible than everyone thinks. So she’s decided to start a pet-sitting service. Think of three things that could go wrong. Provide plenty of terrible details.

* * *

Help one character overcome her flaws and shortcomings

Ms. Kantduitt is one nasty, negative woman. Can you think of anything that might make her realize how truly awful she is? Can you think of anything that might make her change, even a little?


Comments on: "For Plots" (1)

  1. Megan N. said:

    #2. Easy, do what she does to others to her repeatedly until she realizes how awful she is.
    #1. I can list more then three things. The older, sicker ones could die during petsitting. They could run away. They could be petnapped. They could get hurt. They could fight etc. etc. etc.

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