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My Vote

I would have voted abe lincoin in 1860. He was honest and he never lied. He kept promisies. They called him honest abe. He was nice. He was a good man. He freed the slaves. He help win over the south in the cilver war. He wore good chloths and wore a pipe hat. He was a good father and a good farmer. It’s sad he got shot. He could have done many mor good things for our country.

7 years old


Comments on: "My Vote" (4)

  1. Good job Allen! Don’t forget to capitalize Abe Lincoln’s name.

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  3. Good farmer~my kinda guy. Thanks Allen. Good job.

  4. The Purple Pheonix said:

    I definaitly agree–He could have done more great stuff if he did not get shot 😐

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