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Allen’s Award-Winning Story


Comments on: "Allen’s Award-Winning Story" (10)

  1. Allen, What a great imagination you have! Many kids need lots of toys but you can do magic and make anything with your imagination! I am so proud of you!!! Love, Becky

    • Lillyann Irene E. said:

      hi allen i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Mary Noakes said:

    It is so nice to see the imagination within you. You are able to create your own fun with just the simple things in life. Using your imagination to take you places or become someone/something else shows you can dare to be different. That is an awesome quality to have. Great Job! Love Aunt Mary and Uncle Howie

  3. Faith Skirvin said:

    Allen……”I’m in Love With You, Honey”!!!!! Your bottle is the best microphone I’ve ever seen! Great story from a great kid!

  4. D'Carla Meisenburg said:

    I loved reading your story. Nice job Allen and keep up the good work! You are one very imaginative boy, such a good quality to have!

  5. I am so proud of you Allen. I always knew that bottle was special. Always remember you have a spare one at my house. ♥

  6. Aunt Jacki said:

    What a wonderful story, Allen! We loved reading it and we loved your pictures too! You are a good writer and we are very proud of you! One day, we hope that we can see that special bottle and — give you a great big hug for such a special story! Love, Aunt Jacki & Uncle Don

  7. The Purple Pheonix said:

    Realy nice story, Allen! Your bottle is the best Tiger tail I’ve ever seen! Great Rhyming skills! :D!

  8. I like the alliteration. I am in 7th grade and know the feeling of being the only one whose imagination is working overtime.

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