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Mikaela’s Poem

by Mikaela

My momma works,
All day an’ all night,
Whether it’s dark,
Or whether it’s night.
Da work’s never finished,
Da work’s never done.
Da work’s never through,
And da work ain’t much fun.
Papa comes home from work,
All tired and grumpy,
Doesn’t notice your work,
Just, “Why’s this pillow lumpy?”
Ya mop an’ ya sweep,
Ya dust an’ ya shine,
An’ ya go into the living room,
An’ what do ya fin’?
His dirty boots on da rug,
His wet coat on da chair,
His rear in da couch,
An’ his smelly feet in da air!
So do ya yell, do ya scream?
Oh what do ya do?
Would ya throw a huge fit,
Like most ladies do?
Well, ya kick off yer shoes,
An’ ya through down yer broom,
An’ ya wink at yer ol’ man,
And tell him to make ya some room!

This is why my Mom and Dad are happily married!


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