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Laura’s House

This summer we went to Independence Kansas. We got to see the Indian Territory house of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The house was made out of logs. The house was really small. Next to the house was the original well Pa dug up. There was also a school house and a post office that we can look through too. In the school we got to act like a student and here the rules like when Laura went to school. In the post office there was a bed and a stove. Outside there was a plow like the one in the story that Pa had to leave behind when they moved back to Wisconsin. Now when I read Little House on the Prairie I will always be able to picture where the story took place.

Faith C
9 years old


Comments on: "Laura’s House" (3)

  1. Betsy C said:

    Very nice Faith. A lot of people just think of Laura’s house in Walnut Grove, MN like the TV show but she actually moved around quite a bit. I bet people will be glad to hear your story about her Kansas house.

    Make sure you put “hear” when you hear with your “ear”….not here. And always put a comma between city and state.

    • Mrs. Smith said:

      I’m so glad you’re still writing even though it’s summer vacation! I loved reading about your trip. I read all the Little House books when I was your age, too. It’s so cool that you got to visit one of her houses.
      Mrs. Smith

    • The Purple Pheonix said:

      Yeah, that must have been a great experence! wish I could have been there.

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