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Terriers and Other Dogs

by Elizabeth B., 7th Grade
This report was supposed to be about dogs in general, but since there are so many different breeds I decided to mostly focus on the Rat Terrier. Some of the subjects I will introduce are: their habitat, what they eat, and their enemies.
One of the questions I was asked to answer was what dogs’ habitats are like. Most dogs live in a home, on the street, or at the pound. Most dogs are friendly but some of them are wild, depending on what habitat they come from.
Another question I was asked was the animals’ size. But with dogs it varies, some are large and some are small. The Rat Terrier, the main species I am to write of usually ranges from 12 pounds to 27 pounds.
Also a question, what does a dog eat? Well, dogs again can eat different things depending on their habitat. If a dog lived on the street it would probably mostly eat scraps of food, if it lived at a pound it would probably only eat dog food, and in a home it could go either way.
A dog does have enemies but that varies with every dog. Since dogs are not usually eaten they don’t really have any predators. Although they don’t have predators dogs usually have their own natural enemies, the most common is the cat and some dogs don’t like other dogs. Other enemies may include, squirrels, rabbits, and birds.
There were many questions about dogs and their puppies. The youngest a dog can be to have babies is 2 years old. For how many puppies they have it depends on the breed, usually small dogs have 2-3 puppies and bigger dogs usually 4-5. A dog will usually be pregnant for around 2 months. The puppies can usually leave their mother about 2 months after the birth.
In conclusion, I hope you’ve learned as much as I have about dogs. A good place to adopt one is the Henry County Humane Society, Kewanee Chapter. Dogs are great animals and great friends too.


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