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More great writing!

I’m happy to say The Purple Pheonix has conquered his writer’s block. Click on the titles to read the latest additions to The Group and The Pokémon Story (which he is now writing alone).

Glad you’re back, Purple Pheonix. Please tell the Blue Dragon I hope to see him again some day!


Comments on: "More great writing!" (12)

  1. The Purple Phoenix said:

    (just so you know, we already agreed on most everything in the first chapter.)

  2. The Purple Pheonix said:

    The reason I haven’t started chapter 6 yet is the fact that it begins with some girl-girl dialoge, and I’m not good at that, since I’m a male. I’m trying to think on it, and it’s progressing slowly, but I need some help. Do you have any advice?

    • First, they’re your characters so you get to decide how they talk – whether they’re girls or boys doesn’t matter as much as you may think. Second, girls tend to speak faster (to show speed in your writing, think short, choppy sentences), say more at one time, share more emotions, and flit from subject to subject, but that doesn’t mean every girl talks that way and your characters certainly don’t have to. Third, next time you hear two girls carrying on a conversation, pay particular attention to the sound and rhythm and try to model your dialogue after that. One last thing: dialogue in a story should sound realistic but it’s never exactly like real life. In real life we all tend to add “hmms” and “huhs” and “like” and conversations can take forever before they get to the point. You can’t really afford to do that in a story or your readers will get annoyed. So, although you want to sound as realistic as possible, you want to keep your dialogue moving along at a good clip and making every word count. So far, I think your dialogue has been working well and I’m sure you can pull this off. I’ll let you know what I think when I see it.

  3. The Purple Pheonix said:

    I’m finished! 😀 I would’ve posted yesterday, but the post didn’t finish properly, and I wanted to add something funny. I also would’ve posted MUCH earler today, if it weren’t for Sean (known here as the Blue Dragon). and I would’ve posted twice, too. 😦

    BUT, I have a funny story to write tomorrow, and a lot to post now 😉

    • The Purple Pheonix said:

      I didn’t post yesterday, because I got sucked into a webcomic. Also, I think I’m going to go back into writer’s block again. 😦 (I think it’ll be shorter this time 😉 )

      • Let me know if I can do anything to help (with the writer’s block, I mean. I don’t think I can do a thing about freeing you from the webcomic.)

        • The Purple Pheonix said:

          I’ve already read it up to date. 🙂 And although anything I’m writing is sounding totally cheesy, I’ve been making lots of new characters. (I need them if my group of 12 actually has 12. 😛 )

  4. The Purple Pheonix said:

    Here is the reasons I haven’t writen anything recently:
    There’s a new baby in my family ( He’s sooo cute! 😀 ). I would’ve told earlier, but it didn’t have much to do with my writing, and I wasn’t sure to tell you 😐 . Anyway, Ryan is a week old now, has brown eyes, and lots of black hair. 😀

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