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A New Play (The First!)

All Write with Me now includes an ongoing play! The Sword of the Winds, written by The Purple Phoenix, already includes a Princess of Peace, a dragon and a wind-thrasher. There’s also plenty of trouble – a raid, a kidnapped queen, stolen royal treasury, and a lost sacred relic. All in the first scene! Be sure to come back often to read this play as it unfolds. Knowing The Purple Phoenix, it’s bound to excite you all the way through.

Follow the link to read it now. When you come back, you’ll find The Sword of the Winds under the Share your work tab. Also, be sure to let The Purple Phoenix know what you think of his play by leaving a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box at the end of his page. 


Comments on: "A New Play (The First!)" (6)

  1. the Purple Pheonix said:

    1. This was going to be a one-time thing
    2. Peace is the name of the village
    3. Wind-thrasher is the name of a birdman
    4. This wasn’t actually the first scene–it was a sample of the play

    just so you know. 😉

  2. the Purple Pheonix said:

    By the way, if you’re wandering about my promise about the Group, some unexpected busieness put my three days behind on my writing schedual, but I’m already working on the new chapter. 🙂

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