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writer's blockAnnie Song wrote in a few days ago to say that writer’s block was keeping her from coming up with another Dust Bunnies story. I’m pleased to report she’s overcome it and equally pleased to share her newest story: The Dust Bunnies 6: The Assault. It’s entertaining, fun, and well-written. Annie Song, if you get a chance and if you’re willing, please respond to this post and let us know how you overcame the dreaded Writer’s Block.


Comments on: "Breaking Through that Writer’s Block" (2)

  1. Annie Song said:

    I don’t really know how it came. When I realized I had a writers block, I kinda stopped even thinking about dust bunnies. But one day, I started to think about what could happen. It turned out those ‘what could happens’ turned into ‘what happened’. It came out better than I hoped for!

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