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A huge apology

To everyone in Mrs. Smith’s class –

I’m sorry Ms. Kantduitt kept butting in on us today. I’m glad you were able to make her disappear! She’s such a nasty, stubborn thing, isn’t she?

I love to hear from you

love to hear from you

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave me a message by selecting “Comments” at the bottom of this box.


Hello to Mrs. Wherry’s class

I’m happy to see you here and I hope you have fun! Write on!!

A note to Mrs. Smith’s class

Thanks for all your comments! Most of them are here on the home page, under your class hello. Go to the bottom of that post and select Comments to see them. The easiest way to find the other comments is to go to the bottom of the page and view Recent Comments. Select whichever comment you want to see. Thanks again for inviting me into your class. I had fun talking with you about the site and Oggie Cooder.

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