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commentsMany of you have left comments and questions under the Share Your Writing page. It makes sense because that’s what most users have questions about. However, I think all those comments might be confusing to new users. So I’m trying something new. From now on, if you have a comment or question about the site or posting, I’ll copy and paste it here on the home page.

So here goes. Mikaela posted this question earlier today:

I’ve been thinking, I’d like to focus my attention to two or three stories at the most, instead of turning every idea into a story that I never finish. I feel overwhelmed at all the stories I’ve started, and I know that I probably won’t finish them all. So do you think I could remove Annavava, twilight hero (both versions) and Eagle? I know that’s a lot but I don’t think I’ll be working on those stories anymore, or at least for a while.

It’s no problem removing stories from the site. Just make sure you have a copy of your own before you ask me to. You might change your mind and feel like working on them again someday.



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Reminder: Group projects guidelines

When adding to a group project, you need to fill out the “name” box like this: your first name, last initial, a slash (/), then your teacher’s last name. In group projects, we need to know who’s posting and when to make sure everyone has a chance to add to the story. You don’t have to fill out the “name” box anywhere else on the site, but here it’s important to keep things fair.

You can find the rest of the guidelines to group projects by selecting Group projects in either the top or side menu bars.

(I know, I know. The first entry in the adventure group project doesn’t have a name. It was the first entry and we’re all still learning!)

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