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By Elizabeth B.,  7th Grade
Today I would like to present an oral report on dolphins. As I have learned in my study of them dolphins are very interesting creatures. They could possibly be one of the most intelligent animals God created, but that we may never know.
It takes 12 months of waiting before a dolphin is born. When a dolphin is finally born it must rush up to the surface for air. Often other dolphins are the ones who rush the calf to the surface. We call these helpers, aunts. After a birth, dolphin mothers even take turns “babysitting” while the other mothers go off to hunt.
After 2 years or longer a dolphin leaves its mother and joins its own group of sorts, this group swims together and eventually each dolphin mates. Male dolphins often fight for a female and when they win they sometimes even hide her from others while mating. Male dolphins sometimes even kill their their young so they can mate again.
As you can see I have a visual of the dolphin food chain. Sharks, especially great white sharks and tiger sharks, are the dolphins main predators as well as orca whales. A dolphin eats a variation of things such as, squid, fish, and animal plankton to name a few.
Dolphins aren’t only killed by predators though, two of the main causes of death are disease and parasites, usually the disease is caused by pollution. . sometimes Dolphins are killed because of tuna fishing since they usually swim above the tuna, fishers often catch Dolphin as well. Over the course of 30 years 7 million dolphins have been killed because of it.
In conclusion I hope you’ve learned from and enjoyed my report. I know I enjoyed learning about dolphins. If you want to help with the dolphin cause you can visit http://www.wdcs.org for more information.


Comments on: "Dolphins" (5)

  1. Elizabeth B. said:

    This was a report I did about 3 months ago

  2. I had no idea dolphins babysat for each other or that they helped new babies swim up for air. Thanks for teaching me something new.

  3. edith marquez said:

    i loved it it inspiered me a lot

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