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The same, but different

When a story first enters your head, try to write down everything that occurs to you, even if you have to scribble. Stories and the ideas behind them can be very slippery and come and go very fast. You want to capture everything you can before you forget (especially if you’re in a noisy room). It won’t be perfect, but that’s okay. You can always go back and polish it after you get it down on paper.

That’s what Allen C. and his mom did in the story, “The Same, but Different.” The first version is what writers call the rough draft and it’s how the story first occurred to Allen. The second version shows the changes Allen made to the story after he discussed it with his mom. See if you can spot the changes and figure out why he decided to make them. Do you agree with the changes? Let us know by leaving a reply under Allen’s story.

Thanks to Allen and his mom for sharing both versions. It’s a cool look into the many changes a story usually goes through before readers ever see it.


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