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Warning: Scary Stuff Ahead!

scared-man-mdNeve’s newest ongoing story, Hunger, is an incredible example of using specific descriptive words to set a mood. It made me nervous. It made me tense. It made me slightly sick to my stomach. But it was the full force of these emotions that made Neve’s story so exciting and so fun to read. This is truly captivating writing. It’s also extremely scary and gory. So if you’re not into that, or if scary stories truly scare you, I suggest you skip this one.

She’s also started another story that is a bit less scary and certainly less gory. The Shadow of the Mountain features a huge spider. (That’s the scary part. Neve’s so skilled with description that you’ll feel like the spider is right beside you. So if spiders freak you out, you’ve been warned!). Follow the link to see how Neve shares the thoughts and feelings of a spider. This is a great example of how you can climb inside a character’s mind and show readers what’s going on in there (even if the character isn’t human)!


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