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I Love to Write Day – Come Celebrate with the Ninjaz!

celebrate I Love to Write DayThe 12th Annual I Love to Write Day is still a few days away (November 15) but I can’t think of a better way of celebrating than sharing Neve’s latest addition of The Secret Life of Ninjaz. Neve is obviously having a great time writing this story and I know you’ll have a great time reading it.

There’s a lot of bickering and fighting and hilarious dialogue and imaginative scene changes in this installment. Not only will you find plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, but also scads of hot dogs, a crazy amount of ponies and… are you ready?… plenty of slightly altered Star Wars characters.

Neve’s brain has to be frizzed and her fingers have to be frazzed. Even Neve says “this took ages” to prepare but this time, at least, she had help from her brother, Finley. So. Welcome to the site, Finley, and thanks for helping your sister make us laugh out loud and celebrate I Love to Write Day in one of the absolutely best ways.



It’s time to celebrate I Love to Write Day!

If you’re looking for something to do on I Love to Write Day, you’ve come to the right place. There’s plenty of writing tips and plenty of space to show off your writing.

If you have any questions about the site or about writing, please leave a comment. I’ll answer, I promise.

Happy writing!…

I Love to Write Day – the world’s largest party for writers!

On November 15, 28,000 schools across the country will be celebrating I Love to Write Day.

There’s more. Libraries, book stores, community centers, authors, and anyone else who wants to will drop everything else and join in. Writing, talking about writing, encouraging others to write, and enjoying what’s been written. It’s been going on every November 15 for the past ten years.

It all began in 2002, when author John Riddell had a brainstorm. He was driving his daughter to a writer’s conference when it occurred to him that the world needed “a special day when everyone can write something.”

Anything. Or everything. John says, “Write a poem, a love letter, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel. The possibilities are endless.”

Free books

Does your teacher or school have a fun event planned? Publishers are donating books to schools that come up with creative ways to celebrate. A panel of authors will choose their favorite events. Free books will be shipped to the schools they choose. To enter, share the details of your event by emailing John at ilovetowriteday@ilovetowriteday.org.


Need some examples of how to celebrate? Here are two of my favorites: Students in South Carolina went to local nursing homes and helped the residents write their life stories. Fifth graders in Millville, New Jersey wrote letters to their state governor. A few days later he made I Love to Write Day an officially celebrated day in New Jersey. There are more examples and ideas available at ilovetowriteday.org.

Happy writing!

New additions

Read the latest installment of The Pokémon Story by the Purple Phoenix/Blue Dragon writing team then check out David’s plans for I Love to Write Day on November 15.

Win an ebook!

In celebration of I Love to Write Day, I’m giving away two ebook editions of Swept Up.

It’s a little bit of fantasy and a whole lot of adventure.

What you’ll find inside the book
one angry janitor with an unbelievable plan
73 sixth-graders locked inside
an artificial town that’s becoming uncomfortably real
a popular girl who knows how to escape
a lot of kids who don’t feel like listening

What people are saying about it
“If you like adventures like the Percy Jackson series, you will love Swept Up!” – E & K Family Book Review
My class and I loved the book. It grew more suspenseful every day. You’re at the top of our bestseller list, for sure.” – Judy Smith, 3rd grade teacher
“I would give this book a full 10.” – Kayla, 6th grade
“I couldn’t put the book down!” – Gage, 5th grade
“I liked all the adventure…the only thing I didn’t like was that it ended.” – Breslin, 6th grade

If you’d like a sneak-peak, select the flapping book over there on the right.

How to enter
Comment on this post between now and November 15 and your name will be added to the drawing. If your name is selected, you’ll receive an ebook that you can read on any ereader, ipad/itouch, most phones and all computers.

Select “Comment” at the bottom of this post (just below that row of boxes), type your message in the “leave a reply” box, type your first name and last initial in the name box, then hit “post comment.”

Double your chances of winning. If you share something you’ve written, I’ll enter your name twice! For directions on how to share your writing, go to Share Your Writing.

I will announce the winners here on the “home” page and on the All Write with Me Facebook page after the drawing takes place.

Note: To claim the ebook, winners must provide a valid email address. If the winner is 13 years old or younger, I will need the email address of his/her parent or guardian instead. Email addresses can be provided here in the comments (they will not be published) or through my facebook page after I announce the winners. No emails will ever go to 3rd party groups. 

Good luck to everyone!

On the web

The internet is really cool. People from Orion, Illinois (me) can sit down and chat with people from Fresno, California (Nancy Barth) without even leaving their living rooms. That’s exactly what I did the other day and I’m glad I did. Nancy is a retired teacher who loves teaching so much that she continues to teach kids in her home. In celebration of I Love to Write Day, she invited me to talk with her about what we do here at All Write with Me. I also talked about writing when I was a kid, what it was like to write Swept Up and some of my all-time favorite authors. You can read the interview here and see Nancy’s comments on Swept Up here.


I Love to Write Day – November 15th!

I Love to Write Day is Tuesday, November 15th. Read more about this annual event here. Share your plans for this special day by leaving a comment below.

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