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Update on the Purple Pheonix’s ongoing story

WOOT! The Purple Pheonix has finished Chapter 1. Like all good chapter endings, it makes you want to read Chapter 2 (which is hopefully coming soon, right, Purple Pheonix?) He’s also decided on the title, The Group. He’s been working hard and often, so follow the link and leave him a comment!


More additions and congratulations!

I just found out Nichole T. from Mrs. Smith’s class won an honorable mention in the WQPT/PBS writing contest – awesome job, Nichole!

Faith’s brother, Allen, won second place for 1st grade – WOOT!

Faith and Allen have agreed to share their winning stories here. You can find them here and here.

Excellent job Nichole, Faith and Allen and thanks for sharing!

Congratulations, Faith C.!

Faith C., one of the first contributors to All Write with Me, has won second place for her grade in this year’s WQPT/PBS Kids Go Writers Contest. Her story was judged on clear writing, interesting details, conflict and lessons learned. Way to go, Faith!

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